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Customize and build your own eCigarette kit. Choose your batteries color options, flavored cartridges, nicotine levels and save on packaging.

Industry’s first Electronic Cigarette using SNAPS® Patented Magnetic Activation and Screwless design, which allows vapers to simplify the process of using a variety of flavored Atomized cartridges (Cartomizers). With this innovative SNAPS® E-PACK technology, EPUFFER once again takes Electronic Cigarettes to a whole new level.

The SNAPS® E-PACK innovative technology is used in both, the Electronic Cigarette and a compact pocket-friendly Personal Charging Case.

While constantly focusing on the users' vaping experience, new SNAPS batteries improvements include an extended lifespan of 400 charge cycles and the cartridge capacity being increased by 20%.

The ePack charging case not only mimics the design of a standard cigarette pack, but also offers durability, to protect the SNAPS® batteries stored inside. SNAPS ecigarette batteries are also made to have the most realistic cig-alike look. An emergency flashlight located at the bottom of an ePack case is intended to aid any dimly lit situation.

Packed in a stylish eye-catching case, the SNAPS® not only displays the quality of the product, but also uses latest technologies, alongside modern design. The SNAPS DIY Kit comes with everything you need to switch to vaping and begin a smoke-free life.

What's Included with ePuffer SNAPS® E-PACK E-Cigarette DIY Kit

  • 1 Personal Charging Case ( PCC / ePack )
  • 2 55mm batteries ( Ø= 9mm, length: 55mm )
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Bundle and Save! Choose from Tobacco Variety, Menthol or Blanks Cartridges packs

  • Magnetic charging socket (drop and charge)
  • High rate discharge internal battery - 600 mAh
  • Extended lifespan, 400 charge cycles
  • Holds: 1 assembled eCigarette, a spare battery and an additional cartomizer

  • Magnetic Activation and Screwless design
  • New High Rate Discharge battery - 140mAh
  • Extended Lifespan, 400 charge cycles
  • Fully assembled cigarette: length - 3.5" | 9cm, weight - 15g
  • Automatic: activates, as you inhale

  • Magnetic Screwless design
  • Increased cartridge capacity by 20% - 1 cartridge equals approximately 300 puffs.
  • Direct air-intake allows smoother draw and quiet operation
  • Fresh atomizer in each cartridge
  • Individually wrapped and sealed
  • Available in variety of flavors, two nicotine-containing densities and nicotine free.

E-Liquid Base ( Tobacco Flavors )

Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) - 70%
Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) - 30%
Flavor Ratio: 15%

E-Liquid Base ( Sweet Flavors )

Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) - 60%
Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) - 40%
Flavor Ratio: 20%

Recommended eliquid PG/VG ratio: 60/40 or 70/30.

100% Traceable Top-Grade Ingredients | Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) and Vitamin E acetate Free

A Science Bit

When air flows through the device, it is detected by a microprocessor. This activates the atomizer, which dispenses miniscule droplets of liquid into the airflow. Eliquid then quickly turns into vapor and smokers inhale the most life-like alternative to cigarette smoke. A combination of propylene or vegetable glycerine also increases the resemblance of vapor to real smoke.

Why go for ecigarettes?

Alternative ways to give up smoking and choose a smoke-free lifestyle could surely be effective, however, smokers tend to return to cigarettes, as they miss the habit of smoking along with the nicotine. Our brain links inhaling smoke to the calming and stress-relieving properties of nicotine, so when the smoking process is removed, smokers would still have to rely on willpower to make significant changes to their lifestyle.

These changes include being active after meals, finding a hobby that involves using hands or trying meditation techniques. Many tend to replace this hand to mouth habit with food, which frequently results in weight gain many new non-smokers complain about.

Why EPUFFER is the Best eCigarette on the market?

At EPUFFER we do not claim to be the only solution for those looking to cut down or give up smoking, but we do offer a variety of vaping devices and products, pretty much everything a smoker needs to choose a smoke-free lifestyle. For instance, various nicotine levels we offer, allow smokers to reduce nicotine intake gradually and the SNAPS model in particular is mirroring a cigarette smoking, without delivering tar and hazardous chemicals to the lungs.

EPUFFER products don’t have an intense smell, so there is no lingering odour on fingers or clothes. With elimination of smoke and tar, premature aging decreases and skin becomes cleaner. Gums get healthier and teeth can return to a natural white color, not stained by smoke from a real cigarette.

EPUFFER SNAPS® is very easy to assemble, just “SNAP” a battery and cartridge together. Taking them out of the ePack PCC takes less time than dispensing a real cigarette from a pack, so nicotine cravings can be defeated in seconds.

Why are we switching to percentage-based nicotine labelling?

Because vaping industry has evolved over the years and vapers are now more experienced and informed as far as mg/ml, %, nicotine dosage / labeling is concerned. We also must comply with the FDA / EU and UK TPD regulatory requirements.

How is the nicotine content measured?

Nicotine content in an e-liquid is measured in mg/ml, which is often expressed as a percentage. For instance, a 1.2% nicotine e-liquid will contain 12mg of nicotine per millilitre. Nicotine content increases with percentage and hence the lower the percentage, the lower the nicotine content and vice-versa.


Nicotine Per Unit

(old label)


Nicotine by Weight

(new label)


Nicotine by Volume

(new label)

1.2mg 24mg 2.4%
1.0mg 20mg 2.0%
0.6mg 12mg 1.2%
0.3mg 6mg 0.6%
n/a 3mg 0.3%

For more information, please read an article in our blog: Understanding Nicotine content for Vapers


ePuffer User's Guide



Great product. I first bought the single ecig with blanks to check it out. I loved it so I bought this E-pak DIY kit. It is easy to use, small, convenient and a good price. I bought the Valerian root cartridges since I usually vape herbs for relaxation. I find a mild calm from them, which is nice. I definitely recommend this product for either a beginner or advanced vape user. :D

Hello to all EPUFFER personnel, I honestly never thought I was gonna write this, but after more than 33yrs of smoking reds and blues (3 packs a day) , I finally QUIT. Thank you lord for you guys to be there helping us achieve the impossible. I have been smoking your snaps for almost 3 months and it all started from there. I did try other competitors over the past 3 years and they were good but NOT as SUPERIOR as you. At Epuffer, your products are TOP notch, excellent ecig technology (Snaps are the BEST) your ever made, flavors are indescribable, my favorites are the LUX ,Robusto , and the 5x5. All your products are the best ever existed on the vape market.

I just wanted to thank all of you deep from my heart for presenting such services to your customers and your more than friendly customer service and support are so wonderful and the best to deal with .

Kind regards,

M Gaber

Overall, the product is great. The charging case is perfect and I love how it stores multiple batteries and cartridges. The appearance of each e-cigarette battery is pleasing and spot on. The magnetic attachments hold great too, no worries about that. Here’s my issues with the device.

Number one, the e-cigarette is much smaller than I prefer. After I took a closer at the length of the e-cigarettes, I immediately purchased a longer battery. It’s not a big deal, but it makes a difference in how you smoke when you’re constantly pulling out an e-cigarette that’s slightly shorter than what you’re expecting. I would recommend making the default batteries slightly longer or providing both a small and large battery with each kit.

Number two, I don’t like the flavors that much. I ordered the tobacco variety pack and tried them all. Robusto gives off a great cigar aroma and taste. Mirabella has a sweet, warm, cookie like flavor. However, I was disappointed with the essential premium tobacco flavor. It just doesn’t feel or taste like a cigarette, even though I’ve smoked other e-cigarettes that do (such as Cigavette).

All in all, great product. Hopefully, I can find a flavor that satisfies my cigarette craving. For now, I will continue to try out the different cartridges and see if I change my mind. I will definitely buy more! Thank you.

Exactly what i was looking for to stop smoking (well so far so good!). This is convenient, easy to use, and lets you try the different flavors.

I'm glad there are still companies selling cigalikes! They are portable and come in handy when out and about. Your prices look reasonable for cartos and batteries, and I am excited to try out your product!

I really like the option of choosing your own battery and led tip color. This is my second kit and I am glad I can save $10 on the packaging, that I don't really have use for. Easy to use and works great.
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