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ePuffer EAZE MAGNUM REV-2 Award Winning Electronic Cigarette


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epuffer magnum electronic cigarette starter kit The new EPUFFER MAGNUM REV-2 electronic cigarette is a second generation high tech non-flammable product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking. The patented two-piece ( Disposable Atomized Cartridge + Battery) design allows smokers to always enjoy the same quality taste over a long period of time as each cartridge has a built-in atomizer. It looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette.

When air flows through the device, it is detected by a microprocessor. This microprocessor then activates an atomized cartridge which injects tiny droplets of the liquid into the flowing air. This produces a vapor mist which is inhaled by the user. The addition of propylene glycol to the liquid makes the mist better resemble normal cigarette smoke. The microprocessor also activates an orange glowing light at the tip to simulate real smoking experience.


One High Capacity REV-2 Lithium Rechargeable Battery (Ø= 9mm, length: 77mm )
One Mini REV-2 Lithium Rechargeable Battery (Ø= 9mm, length: 60mm )
Two Premium REV-2 Tobacco Flavor Atomized Nicotine Cartridges
Universal AC Battery Charger 110/240V
Power Line Cable
Instruction Manual


5 Spare Atomized Catridges (Equals 4-5 Packs of Cigarettes)
10% Discount Coupon Code for spares and accessories
Elegant black velour Travel Pouch

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EPUFFER MAGNUM REV-2  Features and Improvements



  • New nicotine pad material
  • New nicotine pad rolling technique
  • New four air-intake holes for smoother draw


  • New Easy Flow - Dual Air Intake design
  • High Rate Discharge
  • Extended Lifespan


Each REV-2 Atomized Cartridge is equivalent of one regular tobacco cigarettes pack.

epuffer ecigarette vs tobacco cigarettes


Benefits and Advantages

EPUFFER E-Cigarette produces vapor that looks and feels like real smoke. It is truly smoke free alternative to smoking.
The electric-cigarettes allows smokers to enjoy the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigarettes by imitating the whole process of smoking.

What is EPUFFER Electronic Cigarette?

ePuffer performs similarly to traditional smoking. It looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette or cigar, and delivers all the pleasures of smoking, without all the problems. The secret to what makes the E-Cigarette better than traditional smoking is what is inside this revolutionary new product. 

The non-flammable Electronic Vaporizer is driven by modern microelectronic technology, a small rechargeable battery and a unique, self replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. When using the Electronic Cigarettes, the act of inhaling or smoking it produces the tactile and craving satisfactions traditional smokers seek, and triggers a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke that is actually a vapor mist that harmlessly evaporates into the air within a few seconds.

Why choose ePuffer instead of the traditional tobacco cigarettes?

  • Smoke it anytime, anywhere; not banned.No Flame, No Ash.
  • Costs less than tobacco smoking. With rechargeable batteries.
  • Tastes like tobacco
  • Virtually odorless; no lingering smell in clothes, home and car.
  • Replicates behavioral and physical pleasures of smoking.
  • Satisfies nicotine cravings.
  • Easy to use (doesn't require matches, lighters or ignition).
  • Won't stain your teeth and damage your skin.
  • No more embarrassment or guilt.
  • Not offensive to others.

What makes the new EPUFFER MAGNUM REV-2 different from other electronic cigarettes?

The EPUFFER Electronic Cigarette looks and feels like a real tobacco cigarette, making it comfortable and easy to use by any smoker. It comes in two parts - the first is a rechargeable lithium Inteli battery with a built-in micro computer and the other is a disposable atomized cartridge. Inside the cartridge you will find the nicotine pad and atomizing mechanism. Once the disposable cartridge is finished, all you need to do, is simply unscrew the used cartridge and screw on the fresh one. No cleaning or maintenance is required. A main advantage of this device is the atomizer is never reused, so you don’t have to worry about problems including nicotine build-up, clogging and residue. Smoker will draw in a Vapor that looks virtually the same as a smoke from real tobacco cigarette.


What's in regular tobacco cigarette?
What's in tobacco cigarettes

Second-Hand smoking is also very dangerous
More than 10,000 non-smokers will die this year due to tobacco use -- over 1000 lung cancer deaths and at least 3000 deaths from coronary heart disease will be caused by second-hand smoke.

Tar coats your lungs like it does the roads. A 20-a-day smoker breathes in a mug full of tar every year. Tar damages the hairs that clean the lungs and it inflames the air sacs. Mucus builds up and this results in the smokers' cough. Eventually it causes bronchitis and emphysema. It also yellows the teeth, hands and skin.

Carbon Monoxide robs your brain, heart and muscles of oxygen. Carbon monoxide combines with nicotine to thicken the blood. This can cause heart attacks and stokes, blood clots in the limbs and amputation. 3 out of 4 deaths from heart attacks in men are due to smoking.


Common uses
Acetone Nail Varnish Remover
Acetic Acid Vinegar
Ammonia Cleaning agents
Arsenic Ant poison 
Benzene Petrol Fumes
Cadmium Batteries / Smelling Salts
Carbon Monoxide Poisonous gas from Exhaust Fumes
Carbon Tetrachloride Dry Cleaning fluid
DDT Insecticide
Formaldehyde Embalming fluid
Hydrocarbons Jeyes Fluid / Care products
Hydrogen Sulphide Stink Bombs
Lead Batteries / Petrol Fumes
Methanol Rocket fuel
Methyl Isocynate responsible for Bhopal disaster
Nicotine Insecticide
Nitric Acic & Sulphuric Acid Power station emission
Polonium-210 Radioactive fall-out
Radon Radioactive gas
Tars Road surfaces
Tuolene  industrial solvent

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