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Get the news you need about vaping products and legislation here.

Here, we provide the information you need to help you stay in touch with what’s happening in the global vaping community. Vaping is more than just enjoyable and satisfying; we believe that it also potentially has the power to prevent millions of tobacco-related deaths around the world. We are proud to deliver our high-quality and reliable content here and hope that it helps you become more educated as well as more involved in the activist community around vaping.

Although there are always legislators working to make e-cigarettes less available (or not available at all), the truth is that vaping is a less-harmful alternative to smoking, and it’s vitally important that ex-smokers have access to the vaping products they love.

Firstly, vaping allows you to control your nicotine intake, choosing the strength of e-liquid that’s right for you. Alternatively, just enjoy the experience with no nicotine at all. It’s also a cost-effective alternative to smoking and provides users with a great deal of flexibility when it comes to flavors. There’s no unpleasant smell as there is with tobacco smoke, either. Vaping helps people relax, provides them with a friendly community of people with similar interests, and – most importantly – helps them quit smoking.


The cigarette butts left behind by smokers have created an astronomical problem. We all encounter this litter every day on our roads, sidewalks, parking lots, even parks, playgrounds, and private property. Frustratingly, you can often see

Have you noticed that your favorite e-juice has begun to taste a little “off,” or that you can’t really taste it at all anymore? The problem may not be your juice – it may be a common phenomenon known as “vaper’s tongue.” Not to worry. Vaper’s tongue isn’t serious, nor is it permanent, and there are lots of easy ways to cure it.

Welcome to the world of vaping! If you’re new here, you probably have lots of questions – everyone does. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the questions we hear the most and give you the answers that you need.

Whether you are a brand-new vaper or a longtime enthusiast, you may have lingering questions about when and where it is okay to vape. In the eyes of the law, vaping is invariably lumped together with smoking when it comes to “tobacco-free” initiatives and rules.

When you’re first starting out in the world of vaping, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options and choices. Keeping it simple with an e-cigarette, also called e-cigs or cigalikes, is the best way to go.

The first time you go to buy a vape online, you might find that there are too many choices and too much information. All that information is a good thing; it’s never been easier for a new vaper to learn what they need to know to make the most of vaping and enjoy it to the fullest.