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E-cigarette design is something truly amazing. When you light a traditional cigarette, you burn the tobacco inside and release smoke that contains nicotine. The smoker breathes in this smoke the deliver the nicotine to their lungs – harming their health in the process. An e-cigarette is a different thing altogether in that it doesn’t rely on combustion to deliver nicotine. Instead, it converts a nicotine-containing liquid to a vapor, which the user inhales.

E-cigarettes have three main components: a cartridge, a vaporization chamber, and a battery. The battery powers the e-cigarette and can be recharged just like a cell phone. The battery connects to the vaporization chamber, which contains an atomizer – the part that creates the vapor. The cartridge that holds the e-liquid attaches to the chamber and the tip of the cartridge functions as the mouthpiece.

Vape users simply inhale the same way they would with a traditional cigarette. The act of inhaling activates the atomizer, heats the liquid, and converts it into a vapor, which is inhaled and then exhaled in a vapor cloud that looks very much like cigarette smoke – but isn’t. One of the greatest things about the design of e-cigarettes is that they provide the user with an experience that’s extremely close to that of smoking, but with fewer adverse effects.

epuffer ecig and vape design and manufacturing process

At EPUFFER, we make all our devices in-house. We also provide OEM service, meaning that we can create white label products for your business – for example, you can order EPUFFER® cigars with your company’s logo for giveaways and promotions. We can also design, manufacture, package, and ship custom orders if you have a specific vaporizer requirement. Just ask!

We deal with factories that are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and GMO-certified. We are also happy to help with applying for FDA certification if needed. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.