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The ePuffer XPOD Review: Seamless Operation, Stylish Design, Satisfying Flavor

May 01, 2020 | Sanda Walker - New York

Recently, I wanted to buy a vape online, and I came across the ePuffer XPOD. I want to tell you about my experience with this great little device. The XPOD is a small-format stick-shaped pocket vape. It comes with three refillable pods that can be filled with the vape juice of your choice. Since I bought my XPOD, I’ve been far less tempted to smoke cigarettes. In fact, this e-cigarette has helped me stay tobacco-free much more effectively than the other vapes I’ve tried – and I’ve tried many. Here are some of the reasons I’m crazy about the XPOD.

Ease of Use

One of my favorite things about the XPOD is how easy to use it is – easier and simpler than other pocket vapes I’ve had. Overall, this vape does not have the same problems as other vape pens I’ve tried, such as leakage. It also does not tend to misfire like other pocket vapes that I’ve tried. It seems to have a good chip and a sensitive yet robust airflow sensor that doesn’t get tripped accidentally, and there are no buttons to hit unintentionally (won’t auto fire in your pocket). In general, I enjoy seamless operation and a highly satisfying vaping experience with the XPOD.

Great Design

ePuffer Xpod review 2020I really like the overall design of the XPOD. The build quality is excellent, and I don’t worry too much about dropping it as it seems very durable. It’s easier to keep up with than other pocket vapes because of the bright colors and slightly larger size. The pods attach magnetically rather than pressure fit. I find that the magnetic fit makes them very easy to secure and just as easy to remove. I also love the cool metallic finish and knurled texture, which makes it easy to grip and unlikely to slip out of my hand. Mine is a Violet XPOD, but all three colors are beautiful and bold.

Variety of Flavors

The flavors are another major plus. My personal favorite e-juice is the Mango flavor, which is tangy and sweet – but not too sweet. I also love the Apple flavor. Now, these flavors are not available for sale in the US as a prefilled option because of the new regulations. However, these and other sweet flavors are available in e-liquid format, which is just fine because the blank pods are super easy to refill, and this option is more cost-effective anyway. You can refill each blank pod up to five times, so it’s easy to see how going this route can save you even more money.

The Tobacco flavor is quite authentic and brings the vaping experience even closer to smoking, which is important to me because I use vaping to steer clear of traditional cigarettes. I also liked the Menthol flavor, which I find icy cold and richly full-flavored – delicious and enjoyable. There is an excellent variety of flavors to choose from, so you can find one that you’ll love regardless of your usual preferences.

Good Charging

The XPOD comes with a USB-C charger, which I was happy about because it’s the same charger that my phone uses. That means that I can’t “lose” my vape charger – or even if I do, I automatically have a spare. I found that the battery charges quite fast and stays charged for a long time; I typically use the XPOD for up to two full days before it needs to be charged again. If you have an Android phone or any other device that uses the USB-C charger, you’ll love the convenience of having the same charging option with your vape.

All of that being said, I think my very favorite thing about the XPOD is that it’s so enjoyable and satisfying to use that I’m not tempted to smoke cigarettes. The XPOD has definitely helped me stay away from tobacco, and I believe it can do the same for you.


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