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Enjoy Your Vaping Moments with E-Puffer’s Robusto E-Cigar

The invention of the E-Cigar can be considered a major advantage to all smokers and vapers. Unlike e-cigarettes, E-Cigars retain the style of traditional cigars—minus the soot and cancer-causing after-effects. If you want to continue smoking while watching over your health, the best option for you is ePuffer’s Robusto E-Cigar!

Robusto is definitely a strong, masculine name for a product—just like what ePuffer wanted to convey. Unlike other e-cigars in the market, Robusto appears tough and exquisite at the same time. Using this quality electronic cigar will help you impress many. However, this is just the tip of the Robusto iceberg. This stylistic e-cigar is well-coveted because of its taste, convenience, and high quality. Just like other e-cigarette and vape units of E-Puffer, the Robusto has become a great choice among smokers.

You probably know that vape tubes and pens have innate, aesthetic value. More often than not, vapers love the ‘collect and modify’ aspect of a vape kit, aside from vaping itself. The Robusto eCigar takes you to a different level. It still has the premise of electronics, but you can also enjoy the feeling of a classic tobacco cigar. While you cannot entirely modify the Robusto electronic cigar, you can absolutely enjoy the experience of smoking it.

Robusto Electronic Cigar Disposable Save
$19.95 $21.95 You save: $2.00
$199.95 $287.40 You save: $87.45

Robusto E-Cigar

An e-Puffer eCigar Masterpiece

Robusto is not just any simple product. It offers a seamless design and mechanism—the result of 9 months’ worth of manufacture, testing, and adaptation. From that vantage point, it’s safe to say that the Robusto Electric Cig is built for long-term use. Robusto can be used up to approximately 1200 puffs, which has an equivalent of up to 10 traditional Cuban cigars. It’s also estimated that the Robusto vaping time lasts up to 180 minutes. The e-cigar also has a size of 19.9 mm and a length of up to 5.2 inches. Weighing only 35g, you can carry the e-cig anywhere.

Vapor Electronic Cigars

Another advantage of the Robusto e-cigar is its unique cork mouthpiece. This isn’t any plastic or metallic mouthpiece—it’s made of real cork to simulate the feeling of smoking a Havana cigar. Have you ever smoked a disposable eCigar before that still left you with a fake impression afterwards? Now, you can avoid that awful experience with Robusto. The cork mouthpiece innovation may be simple, but it’s a significant change that has contributed to the popularity of the Robusto Electronic Cigar.

E-cigar vs Real Cigar

As you smoke a Robusto electric cigar, the LED ash tip lights up, and simulates what a real tobacco cigar does. This LED light system is also much safer than the traditional cigar tips; since only light comes out, there’s no danger of igniting anything. You can now forget about those painful accidental cigarette burns.

All Vapor and Not Smoke

From afar, people may think that you’re really smoking an authentic tobacco cigar; you know better. Every puff from the Robusto e cigar is not smoke at all—it’s just vapor. This is more advantageous to your health with no threat of toxic residue to be left in your system. The vapor also disappears within few seconds, so there’s no real threat to the environment.

 Don’t worry—the nicotine taste is still present, and you’re free to choose the nicotine level in your e-cigar. You can choose between 0 mg to 1.2 mg. The maximum nicotine content that Robusto offers is up to 2.4%.

Smoking is a hard habit to break indeed. E-Puffer understands the addictive character of nicotine, and stopping cold turkey can result in failure. With Robusto, you can finally get rid of the guilt while getting your nicotine fix—and you can taper off your nicotine levels slowly until you finally quit.

An Excellent Vaping Gift

Robusto’s exquisite style and uniqueness makes it a great gift for someone important to you. Do you want to make nice gesture? The Robusto E Cigar can be one of your solutions. A small box of Robusto e-cigar costs only $ 21.95—it will fit within your budget perfectly. If you’re feeling a bit generous, however, why not settle for the 12-pack option? Now, you can gift 12 Robusto e cigars for a discounted price of $ 249.95. Just imagine the savings you can get for such a valuable product.

E-Puffer’s Robusto disposable electronic cigar is covered by a 1-year limited warranty, but you cannot return the product due to hygienic reasons. However, if you discover that the product is faulty right from the start (i.e. tampered seal, product not activating), you can return it and E-Puffer will gladly send you a replacement.

Vape Pens with Friends

While smoking is generally bad for your health, it’s accepted as one of the means to forge social connections. You can observe these among cliques of college students and office smokers. Introducing Robusto to your friends who wish to quit smoking too can have a great communication impact. Your friends will become curious at first, and then they too will see the magic of Robusto.

You can also use the Robusto electronic cigar to mingle with other vapers and e-cigar users – in this way you can widen your social network. Additionally, other vapers can give you tips and advice on how you can have a great vaping experience. They may even recommend the best vape mods that they have encountered. It’s always fun to try out new things, after all.

E-Cigars and Wine

Another way to magnify the enjoyment of vaping Robusto is to accompany it with a great-tasting wine. A classic Merlot would do, or the more expensive Barolo. You’ll see that the strong taste of wine matches perfectly with Robuston’s delicate tobacco taste. It’s advisable to take each puff slowly. Treat the e cigar as a real tobacco cigar and enjoy its calming effect.

The Robusto Electronic Cigar has is of world-class standard and can make your vaping sessions more delightful than ever. If ever you’re feeling experimental, you can check out the other electronic cigarettes offered by E-Puffer. These models have various features and quirks to discover, and they all bear the same high-standard quality of the Robusto eCigar. Look around the E-Puffer site today and see our wonderful selection!

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