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The new EPUFFER ECO is a 6th. generation disposable electronic cigarette, defines an entirely new category of electronic smoking devices.

First E-Cigarette made with ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY food grade materials. Using EPUFFER's exclusive True Nicotine Content, featuring Soft Filter, DiRECT|Flow™ technology for smoother draw, rich flavor and vapor density.

E-cigarettes have rapidly grown in popularity over the past years. For those who are still hesitant to switch from traditional rolled cigarettes to e-cigs, the best product to start with are disposable electronic cigarettes. It allows you to try vaping without a any commitment.

Disposable e-cigs are affordable because they are priced relatively similar to tobacco cigarettes. They are very convenient because they come with batteries that are already charged, so they’re ready to use right out of the box. Next, disposable e-cigs are easy to carry around, having their own protective tubing case and weighing only 12 grams. They’re also designed to look sleek, so you won’t be carrying anything bulky or awkward. But the best amongst all of these is disposable electronic cigarettes don’t need any more tinkering or setting up as they’ve already been assembled. 

A leading name in disposable e-cigarettes is ePuffer, having many years of experience in assorted electronic cigarettes products and accessories. Their disposable e-cigarettes use True Nicotine content feature, which means that the nicotine is measured in terms of traditional cigarettes. This is a great advantage because you don’t need to guesstimate just exactly how much nicotine your disposable e-cig has.

Additionally, ePuffer’s line of ECO disposable e-cigarettes is recognized for being nature-friendly. No ash residue or harmful chemical-induced smoke is produced, and the materials used are food-grade, so they are definitely safe for human use. 

Disposable electronic cigarettes also have many interesting and uncommon flavors. A good choice to try would be the ePuffer Eco Melon Daiquiri Blitz, a terrific flavor. As ePuffer only uses the best ingredients when crafting their flavors, you will taste a plethora of flavors in their e-cigs: a mellow and smooth melon aroma complimented wonderfully by a hint of tangy lime and stimulating daiquiri. The sensation of the Melon Daiquiri mixture is not overpowering making it perfect for sharing with friends.

If you’re looking to bring a flavor of disposable e-cigarettes to any social event, ePuffer Eco Melon Daiquiri Blitz Shisha Flavored E-cigarette is a good choice because it appeals to a wide range of tastes and lifestyles. It has no gluten or alcohol, and is non-allergenic.  The ePuffer Eco Melon Daiquiri Blitz disposable electronic cigarette is a fantastic product and flavor to begin with if you’re still transitioning, and will definitely make your first-time e-cigarette experience memorable.


epuffer disposable hookah flavor ecigarette


  • The ECO is powered by pre-charged 3.7V cylindrical lithium battery.
  • 118 millimeters (mm) in length and weights only 12 grams
  • Comes with protective square tube for storage and traveling
  • A glowing CHARCOAL LED ( Orange tip in form of the burning charcoal )
  • EPUFFER's exclusive Premium Tobacco Flavor with True Nicotine Formula at 1.2mg, 0.6mg and 0mg


Benefits and Advantages

ePuffer ECO is true Disposable Electronic Cigarette, it is pre-charged and ready for use right out of the box.

Available nicotine densities: 1.2mg, 0.6mg and 0mg

Nicotine Content - ( Per Unit Translation )

  • 1.2mg - ( 2.4% per e-cig )
  • 0.6mg - ( 1.2% per e-cig )
  • 0mg - ( 0% per e-cig )


E-Liquid Base ( Shisha / Hookah Formula )
Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) - 60%
Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) - 40%

Flavor Ratio: 20%

100% Traceable Top Grade Ingredients

Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA) & Acetyl Propionyl (AP) Free

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