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The E-Cigar Standard: Featuring the EPUFFER E-650

A premium Cuban cigar is considered a luxury item by many people. Each box can set back a regular smoker by hundreds of dollars, depending on the quality and place of origin of the cigars. There are many reasons why a cigar is priced the way it is, and why it is such a luxury.

However, smoking a cigar can be detrimental to your health in the long run. Some say smoking cigars is even more dangerous than smoking just plain cigarette sticks. If you’re concerned about your health yet you don’t want to give up smoking cigars, you should consider using E-Puffer’s popular E-650 electronic cigar.

**This product is discontinued. The ECIGAR E650 oozes class, is long-lasting and has a silky smooth draw. EPUFFER Rechargeable Electronic Cigar...
Out of stock
**This product is discontinued. The ECIGAR E650 oozes class, is long-lasting and has a silky smooth draw. EPUFFER Rechargeable Electronic Cigar...
Out of stock

E-Cigar E-650 FAQ

Classy and Functional eCigar

It’s rare to see an E-Cigar or vaporizer that combines sheer elements of classiness and high functionality. These kinds of electronic cigars should be treasured. ePuffer’s E-650 model is a fine product that emulates the rich experience of smoking a cigar. It’s one of the best-selling electronic cigars in ePuffer’s elite product line. If you would like to try it out, you can buy it right here at ePuffer.

E-650 E-Cigar Vape Technology

The E-650 is not just any e-cigar. It operates with a premium atomization technology known as EAZE. With this technology, you can enjoy the rich flavor of nicotine cartridges every time you vape. EAZE also allows a smooth draw that’s not harsh on your throat. At the same time you can expect a visible vape cloud.

Unlike other disposable electronic cigars, the E-650 is a rechargeable unit, ensuring long-lasting experience. The unit comes with a rechargeable and resilient lithium ion battery, optimized with a built-in micro-computer. The high-capacity battery ensures you can keep vaping for quite some time in between charges. Another advantage of the battery is its overcharge protection. You don’t have to get too concerned if you forget to unplug your unit – there’s a built in technology that prevents it from overcharging and breaking.

ePuffer E-650 eCigar & E-Liquid

The nicotine cartridges of the E-650 can last for up to 400 puffs approximately. 400 puffs equates to about 35 tobacco cigarettes—a real bang for your buck! Talk about great value for money. This is better than buying traditional cigarettes regularly, as you will most definitely save money in the long run. You only need to replace the cartridge every time you run out.

Each cartridge is also outfitted with a TNC or True Nicotine Formula. It’s important to know that this is the trump card of E-650’s atomized cartridges. Compared to other electronic cigars in the market, the True Nicotine Formula helps improve the flavor of E-650’s cartridges. The rich flavor will keep you craving for more. You can get your next fix at ePuffer – shop now.

A Healthier Vaping Experience

Competition has become really stiff in the vaping community over the past years. Manufacturers have churned out more vape mods and even more lower priced electric cigars. All of these vaporizers are the same in that they are healthier than average cigarette sticks. This is also the reason why many smokers are quitting the so called ‘cancer-sticks’ and switching over to vapor.

With ePuffer’s E-650 electric cigar model, there’s a guarantee that you’ll get constant results when it comes to your health. You don’t have to worry about any inconsistencies. If you’re wondering how the E-650 E-Cigar can be advantageous to your health, you have to learn about its basic mechanism. Since the E-650 E Cigar replicates the way traditional cigars work, the unit can still expel smoke, but in the form of vapor. This vapor unleashes a strong nicotine flavor, but won’t leave any harmful chemical residue in your body. More importantly, the vapor will dissolve in the air after few seconds of being released.

You also have the greater control in choosing your nicotine levels since the E-650 eCigar relies on cartridges. If you want to stay at a low nicotine level, you can choose a regular ePuffer tobacco cartridge. From there, you can scale the nicotine levels according to your new preferences. Check out the ePuffer website, where you can also choose from various e-liquids so you can try out new flavor mixes.

Effective Craving Controller

Once a person has started smoking, it can be hard to break the habit. This is the main reason why cigarettes are very successful in the market – they are addictive. The nicotine creates an effective ‘hook’ that can leave you craving for more cigarette sticks. The longer you’ve been smoking, the greater the strength of the hook.

Getting away from that hook, from that addiction, can be close to impossible for some. Many people get hooked and stay hooked for the rest of their lives. With e-cigs, and ePuffer’s E-650 e-cigar, it becomes easier to taper off your nicotine intake, so you can slowly wean yourself off cigarettes. You can go from the highest nicotine level and go to a lower level every other week, or in a pace that you can dictate – so you never have to quit cold turkey.

The ‘Realness’ of E-Cigars

E-Cigars are properly formulated and designed to simulate the experience of cigar smoking. However, the debate about the realness and authenticity of the experience is still raging on. Some hardcore smokers believe that electronic cigars and vape mods do not simulate the full experience of tobacco smoking. Vapers, on the other hand, will beg to disagree. Many will compare the two experiences and offer up their own opinions – but there will always be two sides to the debate.

ePuffer’s product line of electronic cigars and cigarettes are meticulously created so they can come real close to the actual smoking experience. The E-650 is one of the best examples of ePuffer’s dedication to customer satisfaction and high product quality.

If you want to experience the real meaning of stylishness and class, the E-650 is your best bet. The only way to know if the product fits your preference is to try it out – buy it now, here at ePuffer!

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