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ECO Series

Enjoyable Vaping Now Possible with E-Puffer’s Disposable E-Cigs Eco Series

Switching to disposable electronic cigarettes is a fine choice that you can make today. As the vaping industry continues to grow, many variants of e-cigarettes have become more prominent in the market. Take a look at the ePuffer Disposable Eco Series if you want to try vaping disposable e-cigarettes. These e-cigarette packs and vape flavors can offer you a remarkable vaping experience.

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Eco Disposable Ecigs

Popular Disposable E-Cigarette Flavors at Your Choice

The Eco Series consists of different types of disposable electronic cigarettes. This electronic cigarettes series can give varying flavor touches and advantages. All of these e-cigarette packs are eco-friendly, a fact that many enjoy. Each flavor of the Eco Series is made from top quality materials. These are subjected to a delicate process of formulation, testing, and further analysis. You can definitely consider every flavor as a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

Eco E-Cig Premium Tobacco Flavor – E-Cigs for a Classy Pro

The Eco Tobacco flavor e-cigarette is one of the most popular choices in the Eco disposable e-cigarettes series. It has a strong tobacco taste which makes it a favorite among traditional smokers. Each stick of the tobacco electronic cigarette is loaded with organic extracts. It also has a distinct nicotine level. With the use of a special True Nicotine Content formula, you can select from a range of nicotine levels to suit your needs. Choose between these levels: 0mg, 0.6mg, and 1.2mg.

Eco E-Cig Menthol E-Cigarette – Cool and Convenient

Menthol is a common flavor among vape liquids and electronic cigarettes. Vapers love menthol because it brings a wave of relaxation with just few puffs. The Eco menthol e-cigarette is a great entry point if you’ve just started vaping. Every puff of menthol leaves a cooling effect with a neat dash of nicotine – just enough to satisfy your cravings.

Eco E-Cig Double Apple Appletini – The Party E-Cig

Are you a fan of exotic vape flavors? If not, then the Eco Double Appletini e-cig can probably change your mind. As you vape this e-cigarette, you’ll be exposed to the refreshing flavor of apple, mixed with the tangy essence of martini. Such flavorful combination makes the Double Apple a popular choice among party-goers and hardcore vape enthusiasts. This e-cigarette flavor is also popular among women.

Eco E-Cig Watermelon Sangria – An Exquisite Taste

Watermelon is a fruity flavor that’s commonly used in vape juices. In the Eco Series, the touch of watermelon is improved with the essence of mint sangria. The simple flavor turns into a combination that you’ll love for a long time! Although it seems like an odd combination at first, it truly grows on you.

Are you ready to explore unique flavor combinations? The Watermelon Sangria e-cigarette can be a great start. The Watermelon Sangria is also a proud winner of the Consumer Voice award. You can be sure of the level of quality that the Eco Watermelon e-cig can show you.

Eco E-Cig Raspberry Mojito – A Different Experience

Another masterpiece from the ePuffer product line is the Eco Raspberry Mojito. It is more than just your average flavor combination. This combination opens up a wave of raspberry essence and caps it off with a touch of chocolate mint. In a nutshell, you’ll be exposed to three majestic flavors in every puff. This makes the Eco Raspberry Mojito a very popular choice among vaping enthusiasts. Choosing this simply unique e-cigarette blend can bring you to the gates of vaping nirvana. Feel like trying it? You can buy it here at ePuffer now.

Eco E-Cig Strawberry Margarita E-Cig – Sinfully Sweet

Popular liquor flavors are also great blends for vape juices. One of the best examples is the Eco strawberry margarita e-cigarette. As soon as you start drawing vapor from this e-cig flavor blend, the sweetness of strawberry just hits you. From that, the strong margarita flavor acts as secondary essence. This creates a rich vaping experience like no other. With the addition of nicotine, you’ll be in love before you even start vaping your second disposable stick. The Eco Strawberry Margarita electronic cigarette is another popular choice amongst vapers, men and women alike.

Eco E-Cig Caramel Mocha Latte – The Coffee Blend

If you want to feel awake and satisfied at the same time, you should vape the Eco Caramel Mocha Latte e-cig. This popular blend is very rich in taste. The sweetness of caramel is very complementary to the mocha latte essence. You can enjoy the rich flavor of this e-cig with the right level of nicotine. Check out the True Nicotine Content formula to know which nicotine level works best for you.

Eco E-Cig Melon Daiquiri Blitz – A Heavenly Mix

The Eco Melon Daiquiri Blitz is one of those flavors that can remind you of the joys of vaping. This e-cig is packed with a simple dash of melon—not too sweet or bland. As the vapor swirls around in your mouth, the Daiquiri concoction rushes in.  It will create a synergy of flavor that’s worth remembering. The Melon Daiquiri Blitz is a good choice to make if you’re planning to vape along with your friends. The relaxing effect of the e-cig can lighten up your mood on a bad day.

Eco Disposable E-Cig Packs – More Choices for Everyone!

The Eco Series has a collection of multiple e-cigarettes in packs. The packs can be your long-term supply of disposable electronic cigarettes. You may also send them as gifts to your friends. If you choose a 12-pack instead of single boxes, you can save more money in the long run.

The current flavor choices for the multiple packs are premium tobacco, menthol, mocha caramel latte, and shisha varieties. For the shisha options, you can choose between a red or pink pack.

If you’re planning a vape-out party with your trusted friends, make sure that you bring few packs along. This will let your friends can enjoy the premium flavors in the Eco Disposable E-Cigs Series. Treat yourself and your closest friends to a pack of ePuffer Eco Series e-cigarettes.

Tech Specifications of Eco Series Disposable E-Cigarettes

The Eco Series disposable e-cigarettes are not just average ecigs that you can find in the market today. Each flavor blend is carefully concocted by Epuffer chemists and talented flavorists. The blends are made from natural, food-grade ingredients. There are no synthetic chemical compounds included in the process, and the blends are alcohol-free. The richness and integrity of the flavor is dutifully maintained.

Another common feature among the Eco Series ecigs is the charcoal LED light tip. Every time you inhale the vapor, the LED tip lightens up. This simulates the experience of traditional smoking. Other people will actually think that you’re using normal cigarettes.

The built-in battery of the Eco disposable electronic cigarettes are built for long-lasting usage. Every stick can last up to 500 puffs - better than any traditional cigarette that you can think of. The average weight for each Eco vapor cigarette is up to 12 grams. You can put the e-cigs in your pockets or even in small, handy ePuffer pouches. The e-cigs are also neatly packed in hard boxes so you can store them safely in case you have to travel far.

The Eco vapor cigarettes are equipped with the smooth draw mechanism. It ensures a high vapor density output with every puff.

All about Responsible Vaping

Perhaps the great advantage of vaporizers and e-cigarettes over normal cigarettes is eco-friendliness. In every vaporizer, you are only inhaling vapor and not real smoke. There will be no ash residues after you vape, something that cannot be said of traditional cigarettes. Once you are done with a disposable electronic cigarette, you can just throw it away. For vape mods, you can simply flick the off button. The vapor is also harmless to the environment. There’s no need to worry about second-hand smoke as well. Not bad for a few affordable sticks – remember, each stick lasts up to 500 puffs.

Another advantage is nicotine control. Every disposable e-cig in the Eco series lets you control your nicotine intake. This control empowers you if you are thinking about making a change to quitting nicotine, or lessening your intake. If you want to get rid of smoking, you likely understand that it is difficult to do cold turkey. More often than not, there needs to be progressive stops before you can actually forego the habit. Eco e-cigarettes can help you by offering you three levels of nicotine before you finally actually are able to quit.

With vape kits, may also need to be a little more careful when it comes to storage. A vaporizer is can be delicate if you purchase models that are not built ruggedly. The same manner is applicable to disposable e-cigarettes. Keep in mind that vaping may be a big initial investment, but over time comes out cheaper and more economical in the long run.

Do you want to try the Eco Series disposable electronic cigarettes? Have you imagined the unique flavor combinations? If yes, then you shouldn’t hesitate any longer. Choose any of the flavors today and buy them on ePuffer now – so you can vape your heart out!