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ePuffer SNAPS VALERIAN Natural Relaxant & Sleep Aid Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

Sleep plays an essential role in healthy lifestyle, as well as in overall well-being. There are many studies, which show how insufficient sleep can be detrimental to our bodies. Bad, interrupted sleep or lack of thereof has been connected to several health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Despite these harmful effects, a lot of people still do not get enough sleep. In a 5-year study the National Sleep Foundation (USA) has discovered that at least 40 million of Americans suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders. Most of these cases remain undiagnosed and untreated.

This problem encouraged people to find ways to treat their lack of sleep. People have resorted to different means, from scientifically proven medicine to unconventional approaches. One of these unconventional ways of treating lack of sleep is the use of Valerian root.

Valerian is a herb and extracts from its root are known as a treatment for bad sleep or insomnia. It is also used for conditions related to psychological stress, hysterical states, excitability, headaches, migraines and upset stomach. This herbal supplement can also be used to treat muscle and joint pain. It is also helpful for menstrual cramps and symptoms related to menopause.

To treat sleep disorders, Valerian is added to baths for its essence, some enjoy Valerian root teas, others take it orally as a pill or liquid extract. Cigarette smoking might easily be one of the reasons why people have trouble getting a good sleep. Smoking not only disrupts a person’s lungs, but can also affect a person’s brain, causing sleep disorders and anxiety. However, we've found a new solution allowing vapers to take advantage of the Valerian Root health benefits.

  • SOFT TIP Cartomizer Cartridge
  • SNAPS Magnetic Screwless design
  • Direct air-intake for smoother draw and silent operation
  • Fresh atomizer in each cartridge
  • Individually Wrapped and Sealed

100% Traceable Top-Grade Ingredients | Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) & Vitamin E acetate Free

Dosage: Take 15-20 puffs when stressed, experience anxiety or just before going to bed for a good night sleep.

ePuffer is a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. So the question is, how can we possibly offer a solution to the lack of sleep caused by cigarettes?

The majority of the electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens and box mods on the market use e-juices or e-liquids. These eliquids vaporized in various electronic cigarette devices are based on propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine and can contain nicotine. E-liquids are offered in a variety of flavors, from traditional cigarette, pipe or cigar tobacco flavors, to unique blends like bubble-gum, strawberry cheesecake etc. At ePuffer we were able to create an e-liquid, which has been infused with valerian root essence.

The formula of the Valerian Natural Relaxant Sleep Aid eliquid is composed of the usual e-liquid base (PG and VG) with 10% flavor ratio, 10% Valerian extract ratio, and 0% nicotine ratio. While ePuffer’s Valerian Root e-liqiud can be beneficial for new and experienced vapers, it also addresses a different market. For many nicotine addicts vaping became a great way to stop smoking cigarettes but incorporating Valerian root extracts to help alleviate insomnia takes vaping to a whole new level. Vaping no longer satisfies just tobacco cravings, but it also treats insufficient sleep and anxiety.

Based on customer reviews, Valerian Root e-liquid really helps in alleviating insomnia. Though some people were skeptical at first, after trying out the product, many admit that this e-liquid really does the trick.

With this product ePuffer was able to show, that vaping could also have medicinal effects. It is only a matter of time for other electronic cigarette companies to follow this trend and develop more vape e-liquids that can address health concerns. Imagine if electronic cigarette companies develop vape e-liquids that can treat asthma. Now that could be a game changer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it approved by FDA?

Valerian Root is used as treatment for anxiety, insomnia and a muscle relaxant and comes in different forms. It is sold as a dietary supplement and is not subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration

Are there any side effects of valerian root?

Valerian Root is considered safe and side effects are rare. It should not be taken in combination with other sedatives and is considered a good herbal choice for treating mild insomnia.


I just purchased the new Snaps system and I'm really impressed!

This Valerian formula is fantastic! I've had anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager...and while this isn't a substitute for those who need medicine, I found for me, this product is perfect! A little sweet, like a planty, earthy taste, I feel relaxed after a few puffs! Just wish it came in a bulk pack too!

Reply from Customer Service:

Dear Irene,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, we are glad to hear it is working for you and happy to announce: The Valerian Bulk pack for Magnum SNAPS is now available for sale!

Very nice alternative to cigarettes.
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