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Top E-Juice, Vape Juice & E-Cig Juice 2018

Vaping 101: E-Juice

In just 12 years, vaping has spread like wildfire, with even non-smokers picking up the habit.  It's not hard to see what's contributed to this popularity as there is an amazing selection of vape liquid, or e-juice, available.  Plus with all the hype surrounding vaping, it’s hard not to just get completely sucked into the world of e-smoking. These days,  vaporizers are no longer just a tool used by those desperate to quit using tobacco.  There are now those who consider themselves vaping gourmands with the flavored ejuice as their preferred taste. There are also certainly many who have converted from smoking cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes exclusively..  It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused with so many options out there, so we're putting together a handy guide for you new folks – and for old folks who want to learn more things too. 

E-Juice aka E-Liquid

What is e-juice?

E juice aka E liquid, also called vapor juice, is the blend of ingredients that deliver nicotine and vape flavors to you via ecigs.  Almost all vaporizers use e juice.  There are four things that go into vape juice: A base liquid of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a combination of the two; liquid nicotine or a nicotine free filler for those who want the enjoyment of vaping without addictive substances; water; and the flavor or flavors. 

PG vs. VG ratio

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin make up the base of the e-juice.  You can use one or the other, or a combination of both.  PG is the more popular of these for a variety of reasons; chief among them is the lower cost and the fact that it doesn't alter the taste of the flavoring.  VG is a sweet, viscous liquid which does affect the flavor of the ejuice.  Being sweet, it can enhance some flavors.  With most pre-mixed bottles of vape juice, you aren't able to customize the ratio, or you're given very limited option.  Custom made bottles give you far greater control.  The ratios affect the vapor and how it feels when you inhale.

100% PG: Feels very strong when it hits your throat. Vapor is very low. Taste is not affected.
80/20 (PG/VG): Still low vapor production. Slightly diminished throat hit compared to 100% VG.
70/30 (PG/VG): Significantly diminished throat hit, moderate vapor cloud.
60/40 (PG/VG): Throat hit is a tickle, noticeable but not too strong. Better vapor cloud.
50/50 (PG/VG): Smoother on the throat, bigger vapor cloud.
40/60 (PG/VG): Larger cloud of vapor, even smoother on the throat.
30/70 (PG/VG): Very minimal throat hit, with good vapor cloud output.
20/80 (PG/VG): Small throat hit, excellent when it comes to vapor cloud production.
100% VG: Tons of vapor produced, taste is affected (sweetness is apparent), best vapor cloud production.

For the most part which one you choose is simply personal preference, driven by what you want from your ecig.  However for those who are prone to respiratory infections, it is strongly recommended that you stay with PG as it kills both bacteria and viruses, and inhibits their growth.

Vape juice nicotine levels

There is a huge range in the amount of nicotine available for ecigs.  It ranges from nicotine-free to more than 50 mg/mL. Despite the vastness of the range, most vape juice is one of three strengths: 0 (nicotine-free), 0.6 mg (6 mg/mL), and 1.2 mg (12 mg/mL).  With a few minutes on Google, you can often determine what strength you'll need based on your current brand and smoking habits.

E-juice for Beginners

Whether you are a seasoned vaper, or a newer one, there are choices available for you. That’s the beauty of vaping – everyone can enjoy all the flavors of e-juice, beginners or not. Even if you are a beginner, there are many starter kits available everywhere; including here on E-Puffer, for you to try so you can sample different flavors without having to commit to buying big bottles of some flavors just yet. There’s no sense in purchasing those bottles if you’re not going to like them after all – that would just be a waste of money.

If you are interested in trying some starter kits so you can get different ejuices to try, buy some of E-Puffer’s starter kits and see what delightful options are available to you!

Where to Find E-Juice

When it comes to finding ejuice, there are many different options for you to pursue. First and foremost, you can find e-juice from retailers and brick and mortar stores. These days there are many vaping stores available that sell anything and everything related to ecigarettes, so you can find all sorts of flavors for e juice there. Unfortunately, the truth is that these brick and mortar stores will more often than not have everything priced at a huge markup, because they do have their overhead costs to take care of.

Another option for you to explore, of course, is the internet. The internet is an almost infinite resource from where you can get all of your vaporizer needs. You can find all sorts of flavors on the internet—and at a much cheaper rate. Don’t forget to check out EPuffer’s e-juice selection so you can see what options are available to you. Regardless of whether you’re smoking e-cigars, a personal vaporizer, or a vape pipe, we have flavors of ejuice we know you’ll love.

How to Find the Best E-Juice

During the time that vaporizers and vapor juice were just beginning to become popular and get used by more and more people, it was quite difficult to find the best ejuice without having to search high and low. Just as with anything, the demand was growing, and the supply wasn’t as quick to catch up.

Thankfully, vaping and the e-cig industry has grown and matured further to the point where components, juices and other accessories are much easier to find. Of course, finding the best of anything will still always be subjective – one thing may be the best and a favorite to someone, but not to another.  In any case, it’s not impossible to find the best e-juice, you just need to know where to look.

Brick and mortar stores are one option, of course – and then, there are the online stores like E-Puffer. Here at EPuffer we consistently stock great quality vapor juice in a wide variety of flavors. You can test some of them by purchasing some of our starter kits just to give things a try.

Where to Buy E-Juice

You can buy e-cig juice in specialist vaping stores all over, but note that there is likely a significant markup to make up for their overhead. Plus, not all places have physical stores nearby. If you are having trouble locating a store from where you can buy your vaping liquids, you can still look online. Many websites sell vaping juice, including E-Puffer. We have a wide selection of cartridges and bottles of flavored juices available for you to purchase at your convenience, so buy now!

Electronic Juice Flavors

When it comes to electronic juice, you would be surprised at the vast amount of choices you actually have. Unlike cigarettes and cigars which hardly ever come in any other flavor, e-juice comes in so many that it is incredibly difficult to keep count. Here at EPuffer, we have many top favorites including coffee themed flavors, liquor themed flavors, fruity flavors, and even candy flavors. Our customers’ current favorites are double appletini, watermelon mint sangria, raspberry chocolate mint, caramel mocha latte, strawberry margarita, and sweet cantaloupe daiquiry. You can purchase e-cig juice in cartridges ready to load into your e-pipes, or in bottles so you can refill your vaporizers’ tanks. The bottles come in different capacities too. Check out our selection to know what options you have.

Cheap Vape Juice

E-Juice usually sells on E-Puffer for around $20 for a bottle of 30mL, but you will sometimes find promotions running where you can find some flavors going for cheaper. Cheap e-juice is easy to find, but it’s not always the smartest solution. Cheap prices often mean that the liquid was produced by cutting corners and putting in additives in order to lower the cost of the manufacturing process. And of course, when they put in additives to the e-juice, those additives go into your lungs too. The fact is you are trying to prevent health issues that smoking cigarettes would give you by vaping, since vaping does not produce smoke, only vapor. But since there are additives involved in cheaper e-cig juice, you may end up finding yourself compromising your health even further by patronizing those products.

Instead of focusing on finding cheap E-Juice, focus instead on finding liquid that is created by a reputable company who you know will not cut any corners or put your health at risk. Here at ePuffer, we do not compromise on quality, so you don’t have to compromise on your health.

Top-Selling E-Juice Flavors

As with anything where you have any sort of choices, you’re going to end up gravitating towards certain favorites. That is certainly the same thing when it comes to ejuice – we are definitely seeing that many of our customers do end up liking the same juices and they end up becoming crowd favorites. Top selling E-juice flavors are often those that are themed after coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruits, or even desserts. Many also still go for regular tobacco-flavored e-juice to retain the ‘authentic’ feel of smoking when they vape. However, flavors like watermelon mint sangria and caramel mocha latte are just growing more and more in popularity these days, taking over everything else.

If you want to know what the different flavors available taste like, visit E-Puffer so that you can see our selection of flavors and try some for yourself. You can even purchase some of our vape pen starter kits, which often include many different flavors that you can try.

10mL Bottles vs 30mL Bottles

In buying e-cigarette juice, you have different options. For one, you can purchase cartridges that you can load up into your epipes and then throw out when you are finished. However, this can be costlier in the long run and it most definitely isn’t all too good for the environment.

Another option you do have is purchasing ejuices in bottles which you can then use to refill your vaporizers (often through the use of an eyedropper or syringe). In purchasing bottles, you can choose to purchase 10mL bottles, or 30mL bottles (which is a little over 1 oz).

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both. When buying 10mL bottles, you most definitely cannot beat the convenience. 10mL bottles are tiny. You can fit them into your pocket and take them anywhere and everywhere you want to go, without ever having to give the bottle a second thought. However, you get only 10mL of liquid, and you’ll run out easily. Not good if you’re quick to use up your ejuices. Another thing is you can easily lose the bottle. However, if you want to just try a flavor without committing to buying full size and full price just yet, this is an excellent option. Note that in purchasing 10mL bottles, you may end up paying a more expensive price.

30mL bottles are still portable, but they are uncomfortable when placed in your pocket. Nevertheless, they do have triple the amount of ejuice, so you’ll last a while with a 30mL bottle. However, they are naturally pricier, since there is a lot more product. However, if you compare the costs to buying 3x10mL bottles, you’ll still most likely save with just the 30mL. Buying bigger bottles is great for when you already know your favorites and which ones you’re going to get.

E-Puffer e-cig juice

E-Puffer has many different choices available when it comes to vaping juice. You have choices in flavor which should allow you an easier time to fulfill any craving you might have.

All of our e-cigarette juice is created and formulated by top chemists and flavorists using only the best ingredients available. EPuffer has been making vaping juice for 8 years – much longer than any other company in the US has been making juices. Trust us, we know what we are doing, and we know what will give you the best possible experience.

To accommodate all of our customers and their beliefs and lifestyle choices, all of our juices are kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and alcohol-free. They all use non-allergenic raw material, as well.

E-Juice Prices

E-Juice prices may vary, depending on where and when you purchase it. On ePuffer, our juices usually cost around $19.95 for a bottle consisting of 30mL of vape juice, which gives you a good amount of the stuff that will last you for quite some time.

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