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E-PIPE 609


epipe 609 vape pipe
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ePipe 609

What you need to know about E-Pipe 609

A third-generation line of epipe, the E-Pipe 609 is a choice alternative to traditional smoking. If you want to try a non-flammable option that will give you quality recreational smoking experience, you should try this one immediately. It will provide you not only a no-burn substitute but a cleaner one, too.

The unique value this e pipe offers is the function of the patented Cartomizer design. The design enables this electronic smoking device to provide consistent quality of taste over extended periods, thanks to built-in atomizers in each e-pipe cartridge.

The perks

If you’re someone very particular with the sensation of inhaling smoke, this is the right epipe for you. The 609 produce clean vapor similar to traditional cigarette smoke when inhaled. This epipe (electric pipe), like every other ePuffer electronic smoking merchandise, can be used almost anywhere.

Another advantage of this product is the options it gives you for your preferred nicotine amount. The choices range from 1.2mg to zero nicotine (for people who just want the huffing and puffing). If you want 0.6mg nicotine in your pipe, choose the 0.6mg nicotine e-pipe cartridge. Choosing among the options is no sweat at all.

The Electronic Pipe 609 specs

The ePipe 609 Starter Kit is originally available at $99.95 but is now available at $89.95 (10% discount) when you buy it right here on ePuffer. The kit comes with the E-Pipe 609 waterproof bowl (can either be wooden or marble), two removable lithium rechargeable batteries, three high-capacity premium tobacco-flavored atomized cartridges (equivalent to75 tobacco cigarettes), a universal AC/USB battery adapter, that comes, and a 110/240V USB charger for the pipe. All of these, including the instruction manual, are kept inside a beautifully crafted wooden gift box. The waterproof bowl and the removable battery design are the improvements that come with the Rev-2 model.

The E-Pipe is made to mimic the experience of traditional tobacco smoking, from feel to taste, minus all the hassle and inconvenience.

The key to the winning performance and the advantage of 609 over traditional smoking is the mechanism inside it. Running the vape process is a modern non-combusting microelectronic device, a small, rechargeable battery, and a replaceable cartridge that contain water, propylene glycol, nicotine, tobacco essence, and a membrane that safely controls the behavior of the contents. The membrane pad and the atomizer are systematically made to eliminate the presence of nicotine residue and impurities to avoid clogging and maintain a pure, unadulterated smell. The texture of inhaled smoke perfectly resembles tobacco smoke, but what you inhale from the electronic pipe is a vapor mist produced by a unique vaporizing process inside that seamlessly evaporates into the air within moments. When the cartridge runs out of its contents, just unbolt the empty cartridge and bolt on a new one and continue the smoking experience. This disposable nature of the atomizer cartridges is one of the strongest added value of this product.

The sensation satisfies even the articulate, old-fashioned smokers. Even the look is made to appeal to vintage lovers.  You can choose between wood or marble bowls, both elegantly designed and elegant by nature.

The unique factor of Electronic Pipe 609

Why do we go through all this just to deliver quality e-pipe experience? We believe that smoking need not be isolated. There are ways to enjoy the perks of smoking without causing inconvenience to people around you.

Second-hand smoke, which is the main setback of traditional smoking, won’t be a problem with Electric Pipes. There won’t even be carbon monoxide involved in e-moking since there is no combustion (no matches, lighters, or live flame needed) in the vaporizing process.

In the long run, e-pipes’ real cost is less than tobacco smoking, thanks to rechargeable batteries and the efficiency of the pipe’s particular vaporizing process happening in the mechanism inside. The amount of nicotine you can take in is greater when you use e-pipes for the same amount of puffs. This means that if you have nicotine limit every day, you can save more when you smoke e-pipes.

If you’re allergic to tobacco for some reason, that’s not a problem. ePuffer pipes contain no tobacco but give you the nicotine you need. Some people abhor the dirty scent of smoke, but you won’t have to worry if they would find out because E-Pipe vapor gives off almost no smell at all due to the absence of tar, which only appears when there is combustion. The vapor does not even drift far enough before it dissipates into the air and leaves no stain, making it very ideal for situations that need discretion.

You can have all perks and none of the detriments of traditional smoking with ePuffer pipes so you can continue your smoking habits with this without being judged by other people or offending them.

Items of interest - The E-Pipe

A major advantage of ePuffer products is you can buy individual parts from ePuffer Canada for reasonable prices. The 5-Pack Blank Disposable Cartridges are available at $11.95 right here. Remember that these cartridges are the value point of the 609 e pipe. You have to have a stock for these so that you’ll be ready whenever the situation is suitable for electronic smoking. No unnecessary dirt and stench will ruin your experience while you receive consistent quality puffs, thanks to the high-tech disposable atomizer system of each cartridge. Cartridges loaded with Premium Tobacco flavor are available at $15.95 apiece.

If you recall, it was stated that 609 cartridges have assorted nicotine levels you can choose from. You can choose among different TNC, or true nicotine formula: 1.2mg, 0.8mg, 0.6mg, 0.3mg, or no nicotine at all. The mixture is only available at per unit basis. You can choose anything you want, and the tobacco goodness will be there. These disposable cartomizers’ life can last long, up to 500 puffs. The costing of these cartomizers is lowered due to the disposable nature of the cartridges.

Do not think about spilling or leaks if you have blank cartridges because the contents for each cartridge contain no liquid and are always ready for refilling not once, but multiple times. These products need virtually no maintenance. The ones with ready e-liquid is sold in smooth Premium Tobacco, crisp Apple, and flavorful Cherry. Premium tobacco, as its name says, seems to be the aptest flavor for such a classic-looking tobacco. Apple and Cherry provide excitement for adventurous vapers.

The removable wooden and marble bowls can be bought separately for just $29.95 right here on the site. These bowls are crafted to sophistication. Wood and marble exude that classic, powerful aura that makes anyone using it stand out in an average crowd. You just don’t repair a dented 605 bowl for the integrity of the look will surely be compromised. The best option is to take care of your current one and buy a new bowl separately. It complements beautifully with the black plastic ePuffer E-Pipe 609 Stem Mouthpiece, which can be purchased on its own for $9.95 only.

Items of interest – Power source

We have released a neat gadget that comes with the whole 609 package, and it’s in the form of the battery charger set. The 18350 lithium battery and USB Home AC/Travel Adapter are specifically made for ePuffer e-cigarettes and e-pipes but the adapter can also charge your mp3 players, iPods, mobile phones, and other mobile electronic gadgets. The lightweight, portable charger has an LED light that indicates charging activity, built-in fuse that activates when the charger overworks and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety and security of your e pipes and devices. It is advised that you immediately use the 1-Year manufacturer warranty that comes with the charger when problems within the warranty’s scope arise. If the need to fully replace the charger, it is available on the manufacturer’s website for $19.95. Once the battery itself gets busted, buy the 19350 battery in the same site for $12.95 (thanks to a 2% discount on the previous price of $14.95). Look for the gray or blue, CE-certified battery that has a power of 900mAh.

Electic Pipe consumer recommendations

Avid electronic pipe users who want the full experience are advised to buy the whole set but for the economically cautious consumer, purchasing individual parts are suggested, but the hassle of having no instruction manual is a part of the risk that comes with it. The whole starter kit is a perfect gift for loved ones who are going through quitting traditional smoking or friends and family who want to smoke but are turned off by the risks. Buy now while stocks last and impress the people around you by purchasing one for yourself or buying them this splendid electronic pipe.

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