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Electronic Pipe ( e-Pipe 629X ) Limited Edition - 2019

Globally known for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers of the latest technologies and the best quality, ePuffer has now launched a new electronic vape pipe, that promises to taste as good as it looks.

Based on our customers' feedback, ePuffer has updated the e-Pipe 629 version for the fifth time. Vapers can now indulge in a Pipe smoking luxury for an affordable price. Since 2010 this model has been an international best-seller and prime choice among vape enthusiasts for its high performance and stylish design. Neatly boxed in Mahogany finish MDF gift box, this electronic pipe is decadent and sophisticated and makes a perfect gift.

If you are looking for the best e-pipe, then look no futher this model is for you!

Is this model customizable?

The e-Pipe 629X is a step up from the former fourth revision and caters to our clientele on a whole new level. The top-filling tank structure and removable stem are just a few of frequently requested features our customers asked for. We are still offering the gold and silver tanks with every Pipe kit. With the X model, you can choose the tank and bowl trim color, to match your e-Pipe with a chain, watch or cuff links. This adaptable e-pipe will seamlessly become an essential component of your attire and style and will surely enhance it.

629X 2019 Pipe refilling is simple, it can be used with a variety of eliquid flavors and provides an excellent smooth draw, as well as an enjoyable vaping experience. Along with the convenience, it surely is a great alternative to smoking and an elegant gift.

ePipe 629X 2019 specifications - What’s new?

The ePuffer Electronic Pipe (e-Pipe 629X ) Limited Edition - 2019 boasts a new atomizer with a state-of-the-art micro sub-ohm 1.0Ω resistance coil. This atomizer reduces resistance and increases vapor production, but won’t create the kind of clouds associated with advanced box mods. This ePipe model is designed to create a better throat hit and deliver the best vapor flavor. The intense flavor with each puff will satisfy your cravings! Not only you will recognize this pipe by its unrivaled elegance and sleek wooden design, but you will also admire it anew for its subtlety and simplicity. It is designed with a more experienced vaper/smoker in mind and our new tank provides a warmer, more intense flavor every time you want to enjoy a satisfying vape without cloud-chasing.

E-Pipe 629 X Kit Contents

  • 2pcs. - High Drain IMR-1100mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • 1 x Pipe Bowl 629 X
  • 1 x Silver Liquamizer 629 X ( Clearomizer ) Tank with Mouthpiece Stem (pre-installed coil)
  • 1 x Gold Liquamizer 629 X ( Clearomizer ) Tank with Mouthpiece Stem (pre-installed coil)
  • 1 x Silver Bowl Cap
    epipe vape pipe
  • 1 x Gold Bowl Cap
  • 5 x Micro Sub-Ohm Atomizers rolled in Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Universal NITECORE Rapid Battery Charger 110/240V
  • Wooden Giftbox
  • Instruction Manual

Epipe 629 X Liquamizer MOD Tank Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Connection Thread: 510
  • Atomizer ( micro sub-ohm ) coil resistance: 1.0 ±0.1 Ωohm
  • Tempered QUARTZ Glass Tank - Anti corrosive & high temperature resistant 1700°F - 2200°F
  • Recommended E-Liquid PG/VG Formulas: PG70 | VG30 and PG60 | VG40
  • Length: Tank 35mm, with e-pipe mouthpiece: 104mm
  • Diameter: 19mm

epipe 629 new bowl

Features and Improvements

  • Protected Direct Airflow system
  • Zirconia Crystal LED Cap ( Black Crystal Sold Separately )
  • Liquamizer ( Clearomizer ) Tank technology with replaceable micro sub-ohm heating coils
  • Delivers great vapor production, rich flavor and smooth draw.

X 2019 Model Improvements

  • Redesigned Tank structure - Top loading for easier refilling and maintanance
  • New 1.0 OHM micro sub-ohm Atomizer increases vapor volume by 20%
  • Removable Mouthpiece & updated Pipe Bowl chamber
  • Classic Gold and  modern Silver trim colors


The E-Pipe 629X is a luxury product at an affordable price, that offers an intense and flavorful vaping experience with all the class of a traditional pipe. Our fifth revision is our best model yet and is a perfect fit for a true gentleman, we are sure this new vape will have you turning heads.

Please note! The Epipe stand is not included and is shown for illustrative purposes only.



Just received my pipe today. Im new to epipes and on first impression this thing is great the silver finish looks amazing and the amount of smoke I can get is satisfying. Only problem I have is that the e-liquid seems to drip out from the bottom hole on the pipe leaving a rather nice scented but sticky mess on the pipe and my hands.

Reply from Customer service:

Dear Brian, thanks for your feedback! One of our agents will contact you shortly to resolve this.

This is my first vaping kit (beyond what you can find at your local gas station), and on the overall, I was pretty impressed. Not only does it come in a faux-wood box that looks very sharp and presentable when it arrives (and I appreciated the battery charger that came separately), but the extra supplies are nice to have as well for a beginner who didn't necessarily know what he needed to order.

Best full starter kit out there!Works great for chain vapers who want higher nicotine,and this is not just for someone who smoked a tobacco pipe,i smoked cigarretes and and this e pipe works better than most of my mods in different aspects and i have been vaping about 11 yrs..


I was super surprised when I received the box. It came in a well crafted wooden box with replacements for everything but the bowl. The box itself felt like a very good gesture because I'm more used to vape kits coming in cardboard at this price. I knew I was in for a treat!
It feels very natural to hold, super well crafted and it feels very sturdy. I won't be throwing it against walls anytime soon, but I honestly have no concerns about dropping it.

There is absolutely ZERO splash-back. I've had problems with regular vapes spitting at me because I tend to leave them out for very long periods of time, but this pipe doesn't spit at all. Every single draw is smooth and spit free!
I was super surprised at how much I loved the auto draw, I was skeptical at first because I was worried it would be subject to technical errors. I realize now that I was wrong. It is not only convenient, but safer for pocket storage because there's no button I can press to turn the vape on in my pocket. Wonderful!

The flavor is top notch. Been using my snickerdoodle flavor and my lord, the cinnamon and the cream really come through.
The way I draw is by letting in a lot of outside air around the mouth piece, something I couldn't do with other vapes, and something I'm very glad I can do with this one. I like cooler vapor, so being able to cool it down myself because of the design of the mouth piece is WONDERFUL.
This is also the only vape I've ever used that can feasibly be vaped hands free!

I love it, best vape I have ever bought! HIGHLY worth the money!

This is a fantastic piece and my friends love it when I bring it to our D&D sessions, it really adds to the aesthetic. Unfortunately, the pipe bowl does ignite on its own accord, resulting in the atomizer burning out. I'm sure this is just a rare defect and am hoping customer support will get back to me soon! I'll keep everybody updated on how they handle this defect...

Reply from ePuffer Web Support Team:

Dear Joshua, what you have reported is not a normal operation, please contact our support team.

Pipe smoker for >40 years. This is first e-type pipe that I have tried. Easy to use and mimics real pipe quite well with respect to draw, smoking sensation and thinking I am smoking one of my pipes. Need to play around with different tobacco juices as my initial choices were a bit more aromatic but not bad.

I smoked a real pipe for over 40 years and really enjoyed it (never wanted to quit, I just enjoyed it too much). All this time I was under much pressure from wife, children, and even grandchildren to stop, but I just enjoyed it too much. About a year and a half ago my youngest daughter and her husband asked me to try vaping instead. She did a lot of research on them and I ended up getting the 629X (2018) model. I started out with 6.0 nicotine juice and gradually reduced the amount all the while reducing my tobacco usage. Within 5 months I was tobacco free (since I am cheep I wanted to use up the last of the tobacco I had on hand). I have been down to 0.0 nicotine for well over a year. It was a very easy transition and now I enjoy vaping as much as I did smoking a real pipe. The 2018 model was very good but had some problems. The new 2019 model is far superior and I have been using them (I keep 6 in rotation just like a real pipe, each with a different flavor) for over a month now with no problems at all. I highly recommend the 629X 2019 model.

I have received my epipe 629x 2019 model today! It is definitely a show piece and looks even better than on the pictures. After two months of wait as it was out of stock, and just wanted to say it was well worth it. Thanks ePuffer!

P.S. Also, looking to buy the battery cap with a black jewel. Any ideas when it will be available for 2019 model?

---------------- Reply from Customer Service. ----------------

Dear Chuck, Black Crystal caps are in production and should become available for purchase within a few weeks.

Received my order of the new 629X pipe in yesterday and just wanted to say, GREAT IMPROVEMENTS! Love the new method to fill the pipe with liquid and the vape from it. Lots more than the previous 629X version.

I just received a prototype of the new 2019 version of the 629 epipe for testing. I've been a user of previous versions for several years and I've been completely satisfied. From the beginning I was impressed with the quality and elegance of this pipe. I always get comments from people wherever I take it and of course, I give them the web address. I must say I was a bit skeptical when I learned there was a "new and improved" version of the 629. I thought, how could they make something this good even better? In a few words, they did! I'm so happy they maintained the elegance of the original. It's almost a piece of art that you carry around, so if you get one of these, I hope you're ready for all the attention you'll get. The next thing I noticed was the ease with which you fill the pipe with liquid. No cartridges to fool around with, you load it from the top. So easy and NO spilling! And you use your favorite liquid that you've come to love. The mouthpiece is removable and the tank comes apart for easy cleaning. Very cool! The 629 has always had an easy draw with just enough resistance to make the experience more realistic, like puffing on a real tobacco pipe. Of course you don't get that dry mouth and burnt tongue feeling like a tobacco pipe. I can do without that! Also the 629 has always produced plenty of vapor for me. They said this new version would produce 20% more vapor. Really? Well, it does! I don't know if it's 20% (I'll take their word for it), but it produces way more than previous versions. The coils have been redone to last longer, and it came with a newer battery that keeps me charged up all day. I'm well into my fourth day with this new version and it's performing like a champ. No sign of the coil giving up, and even though I've added liquid several times and recharged the battery, the vapor production is great and so is the taste. If you're a former smoker like me, I know you'll be well satisfied with the new 629! Just make sure you have extra coils and battery, and plenty of your favorite liquid because you won't be able to put it down! I can hardly wait until these are available to everyone so I can buy a spare. I rely on it so much, I wouldn't want to be without one. Good job ePuffer and happy vaping to all!
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