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I actually really enjoy these cigars better than the real thing. I can smoke them anywhere and I don't stink afterwards.The flavor and feel simulates smoking a real cigar, great for the golf course as well. You don't have to keep up with a lite cigar you slide in your pock ,hit your shot and pull it out again. So easy! There is not a better customer service anywhere that are great and really snap to if you have any problems at all. Friendly courteous, and extremely efficient.

WOW! This thing is great! This is the closest thing to a real cigar I have experienced. I have other ecigs but this one is my hands down favorite. I smoked cigars for years and couldn't quite quit altogether until this one came along. It feels and tastes alot like a small ring gauge cigar. It is of coarse heaver than the real thing so if you are a hands off "chewer" of your stogies then this would not be quite as good for you. But the Cigar and brandy crowd should love it. Amazing battery life and vapor!...

Damn, these are good. Excellent mouth-feel and taste.

Liked it so much, I've ordered a few extra for myself, as well as a few to have on-hand as gifts... great "host gift" (in addition or instead of a bottle of wine), or for a "new dad"...

This is an awesome cigar. Smooth yet feels real with an easy draw. The service at e-puffer is outstanding. Thank you.

I've had my Robusto for a few days and I'm really impressed with, not only the realistic look, but also the flavor and draw. It would be nice to have more options on the flavor, but I've enjoyed the one I have very much. I would highly recommend this e-cigar.

Being new to vaping, I had tried the disposable e-cigars and discovered I REALLY liked it as an alternative to smoking. I bought the e650 and was not let down. This is a GREAT product for the money and cartridges DO last along time. The Cuban cigar flavor is CLOSE to the real thing. Well done!
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