Hello guys from epuffer.

Thank you for everything that you done for me, with my order and the way you did it..

And I'm sorry to rush you to it ...
I must say The way that you guys taken care of your costumers it has no comparison.
You definitely deserve 5 golden stars .

Again thank you

My dad is 97 and still smoking his daily cigars! Assisted living care facility rules and his ability to safely hold/manage a lit cigar has made the e-cig the only way for him to be able to continue enjoying this simple and core life pleasure . Thank you for this product.

This is now my 3rd order with you. I was very leary at first but now I'm VERY comfortable ordering through you. My orders are processed almost immediately and I ALWAYS recieve them the next day!!! WELL DONE!! Customer for life!!

Thanks thanks THANKS!!

Terrific product. Since using your product beginning June 5 2013, I have not lit a single cigarette. That is the first time in 40 years! Thank you for making that possible.

All I have to say is... "WOW"! Its been a month, now. A couple of things to share... When ordering, be aware of your supply of cartridges, and the day of the week. Plan ahead for long weekends and holidays. Create your order online, then call customer service to verify the availability of what you have ordered to avoid any delays. Purchase an e-juice to cover you for un foreseen delays. Remember, you are now a non-smoker, having to buy conventional cigarettes to cover you for a few days tastes really awefull. Your body won't like it. The customer service desk is second to none. These individuals are what really seal the deal instead of ordering from another company! Plan for one cartridge to last for about 20 conventional cigarettes, keeping in mind that you may actually "vape" more - due to the great flavors, the convenience, and the fact you can have a few drags instead of having to smoke a whole cigarette all at one time. New users will find they can't put them down! Build yourself a "to go" pack. Grab five assorted flavors, cut them apart from each other but keep them in the blister packs. Purchase another battery, bundle your "to go" pack with a charger and pick a specific tobacco flavor to be your every day "staple". Just a few ideas that my wife and I have come up with! Happy vaping!

Just want to Thank You for your products. My mother is over 90 years old and has been smoking since she was a teenager. She is still active and lives in her own home and able to care for herself. But the smell of cigarettes as well as all the smoke, has been a huge deterrent to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and it has caused a lot of strife in the family, and loneliness for my mother. But when a friend of mine came over one day, she was using your e-puffers. I couldn't believe it! She said how easy it was for her to get used to them, so I spoke to Mom's doctor, who told me to go for it, that it would be much healthier for her than normal cigarettes, so I went ahead and bought them for my mother. Well. That was easy! She took to them right away!! Her only complaint is that they are quite heavy for her. But her house doesn't smell badly anymore and people are coming over to visit again. She's much happier and I am sure this has improved the quality of her life as well as the lives of her grand kids who can now spend more time with an amazing elderly woman. So Thank You. Sincerely, Wendy Lien.
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