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Since the legalization of medical marijuana (cannabis) in many places and the rise of vapor therapy, the dry herb vaporizer has gained strong popular demand. Dry herb vaporizers have been around for almost as long as vapes and e-cigarettes have. One of the reasons people prefer herbal vaporizers is its ability to extract the substance of interest from the herb without having to ignite the herb itself. This is different from traditional smoking that lets you inhale less of the active ingredient you need than you prefer. Diligent smokers should know that combustion produces many harmful substances that damage the lungs when inhaled. Some of these substances are carcinogens that can cause cancer. The increasingly health-conscious public, as a response to the mentioned fact, turned its interest towards cleaner alternatives.

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Cosmos Dry-Herb Vaporizer

  • Tobacco and cannabis are, by far, the choice herbs used by dry herb vapers. The usage of dry herb vaporizers is favored to maximize the consumption of these two dry herbs and avoid the disadvantages of traditional smoking. Combustion inevitably occurs when you light up hookahs, sticks, joints, and classic pipes. This process produces toxic substances that you take in as you inhale them. It is ironic that taking in medical cannabis to treat cancer uses a process that produces cancerous substances. Dry herb vaporizers help you avoid that situation and place you in the best position.

    As stated, using dry herb vaporizers is more favorable if you want to conserve content or maximize the efficiency of every inhaled puff. This is something that you must not ignore. Research shows that traditional smoking (joint, pipe, hookah) gives you only up to 80% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) if you’re using marijuana. On the other hand, you can get at least 90% of THC if you smoke marijuana through dry herb vaporizers. This means you can save up more money for what it’s worth despite the cost of one dry herb vape, which seems expensive when you look at its price tag. Your medical marijuana stash can last longer this way.

  • There are lots of types of herbal vaporizers in the market. Frankly, you should buy the one that offers the most value above all else since dry herb vaporizers are not cheap purchases. Dry herb vapes come in different forms. The selection can range from vapes that can fit your hand to big vape platforms that can serve as your room’s “air freshener.”

    Other than vape types, you must not forget to examine other important things that can make or break your ideal dry herb vape experience. Here are some points that you must not disregard.

    Chamber size will show you how much dry herb you can load your vape up with. This also dictates how long your vape experience will truly last. More room means more herbs to be vaporized.

    The battery (and everything about it) determines how long you can continuously use your vape. You have to consider about the battery life, recharging time and the recharging manner. Some dry herb vaporizers have batteries that have to be dislodged first. After that, you can recharge the battery itself and insert it back into your vape. Some vapes have a charging cable. They can be recharged by connecting the power outlet and the vape via cable. Check if the charger works in DC or AC. DC chargers can be used for car charging.

    Size has also been discussed earlier. We can’t stress enough the fact that you must be responsible to know what your lifestyle is before you buy herbal vaporizers. Vapes are not cheap purchases (at least, the quality ones). You have to make sure that you won’t buy large and heavy vaporizers if you are planning to vape while traveling. However, we won’t deny that bigger vapes have larger chambers and longer battery lives compared to compact, portable ones. This shouldn’t matter if you value portability more., but more often than not, you cannot have it all. Or else, you’ll just end up with a product that performs so-so in all aspects without being excellent in any single one.

    Warranty is certainly an important factor. Make sure that you maximize the warranty perks. Only choose the products with fair warranty conditions before you close a purchase. The quality of dry herb vaporizers can sometimes be determined by how long the warranty will last. Trust ePuffer’s Dry Herb Vaporizers – we put only the best parts in, and offer a great warranty policy.

    Weight should be considered too, but not as much as volume or size. Buy lighter vapes if you’re particular with mass above everything else. Although doing that can’t guarantee that the quality will still be top-notch.

    Style and color are up to you. There are lots of varieties in the market, and you will not run out of options. Style and color should match your personality, preference, and/or lifestyle.

  • The most common form of dry herb vape is the portable one. This is the type that most people buy for its portability and discretion. This is the vape you would want to bring anywhere. Portable dry herb vapes come in an assortment of looks, sizes, and shapes from which you can choose. This type is the most versatile type of herbal vaporizer so far. These things are battery-powered. You only have to connect them to a power outlet when charging the batteries.
    If you’re the private type of smoker who wants the real smell of herb filling the atmosphere, you should try desktop dry herb vaporizers. This is the choice of people who don’t necessarily have a preference for smoking in public. These vapes have size and power that are ideal for domestic use. This type produces the best quality of vapor and lasts the longest., but they are larger in size and cost more compared to their more compact relatives. If you are a mobile person, this is not the dry herb vaporizer for you.

    The third type is called the dry herb vape pen. This type is the cheapest. It is also the kind with the lowest quality. It’s a smaller and more portable version of the typical portable dry herb vaporizer that looks like a pen. To be exact, it is closer to an e-cigarette. Dry herb vape pen is slightly different from its bigger relatives with the way it generates vapor. Unlike the previous two models, vape pens use a heating coil to heat herbs. This leads to combustion, instead of air-heating the herbs. We do not advise you this model if you want to stay off combustion. Vape pens, like the standard portable vapes are battery-powered too.

  • Always remember that dry herb vaporizers produce vapor, not smoke. Dry herb vapor is a high-temperature mixture of air. It is the gaseous form of the herb’s active ingredients. It does not contain byproducts of burning. This dry herb vapor brings out the best flavor in every puff. Vapor has distinct advantages over smoke. Vapor dissipates two times faster than smoke while releasing 50% less stench. This also makes vapor less visible, giving the subtlety advantage to vaping. The feel is still different from using a bong when you first try vaping. The potency of every puff is roughly the same even if you are a newbie vaper. Take note that when using dry herb vaporizer, you might need a grinder to grind up your herb because just inserting a whole ball of shredded marijuana or a hard chunk of dried tobacco will clog the vaporizer. Worse, it could be wrecked permanently.

    Now, you know the basic and most important things to consider before you purchase your own dry herb vaporizer. You might still encounter difficulty when you are put in a position where you have to choose among hundreds of vapes. Always remember that it will all depend on what experience you prefer. If you are a hardcore vaper who prefers potency over flavor and needs to smoke anywhere whenever the conditions permit, we might have the right herbal vaporizer to satisfy your craving.

    There are versions of dry herb vaporizers that can be loaded with wax, oils, or e-juice. You should stick to dry herbs if you want the most authentic herb-smoking experience.

  • Conduction works when the heating coil gets into direct contact with your dry herbs. Vapor is generated quickly from the direct contact. Most dry herb vaporizers use conduction heating. It heats up faster and it’s just plain more affordable. Since conduction vapes heats up the herb faster, it may also heat the whole stack of herb unevenly. A little shake here and there would be needed to make sure that the herb is evenly distributed inside the vape. Because of this, vapers might need a bit more time to learn how to maximize the output of conduction dry herb vaporizers. Don’t forget to be careful with the temperature. Too much heat may lead to combustion.

    The second way is convection. It generates vapor without the heating coil touching your dry herb. Instead, it heats up the air inside the chambers and warms the dry herbs inside. Convection-type dry herb vaporizers are more efficient in generating steady jets of vapor, compared to conduction vapes. The time it takes to heat up is slower, but it guarantees a more even heat distribution. Using these vapes also offer little risk of combustion.  This is due to the zero contact between the herb and the heating element. If you are very particular with flavor and efficiency, convection produces more flavorful vapor and less waste product. If the doctor prescribed you with medical marijuana, always choose the convection-type dry herb marijuana vaporizer. It will not produce toxic substances that only form during a chemical reaction like combustion. The doctor wants you to be healthier, not less healthy.

  • The ideal temperature for vaping marijuana ranges from 375°F to 430°F. For genuine dried tobacco, it is 257°F to 302°F. If the temperature is hotter than the upper limit, it will result in combustion. It might produce unwanted smoke or even damage the dry herb vape. Lower-limit temperatures give off better taste quality. Though, the potency may be compromised. Higher-limit temperatures, on the other hand, may increase the strength of every puff. However, it may overpower the flavor, as a result of high heat. You can work around temperatures within these limits depending on your preference at the moment.

  • Dry herb is the most popular load for vaporizers. Popular demand says that it’s the top choice. It is most likely because of the authenticity of the experience that is given. Vapor straight from the leaves seems to be the most natural form of vaporized organic substance. Avid dry herb vapers would argue that it somehow tastes better. Taking in the substance in its purest form is like drinking plain water. It may even appear boring to most. Every dry herb has a unique taste and ideal temperature from which genuine taste can manifest in its most genuine form. Other than marijuana and tobacco, here are some herbs and their ideal vaporization temperatures.

    Low vaporization temperature
    Camomile - 212°F to 257°F
    Lemongrass- 257°F to 302°F

    Medium vaporization temperature
    Coffee (the beans) - 302°F to 347°F
    Ginkgo - 257°F to 347°F

    High vaporization temperature
    Garlic - 347°F to 392°F
    Ginger - 347°F to 392°F
    Ginseng - 347°F to 392°F
    Hops - 347°F to 392°F
    Morning glory - 65°F to 392°F)
    Salvia divinorum - 410°F to 446°F

  • This has been a subject that smokers and non-smokers have been arguing about for a long time now. It looks like vapers won’t really have any issue with it. Where can you and should you vape? Anywhere, unless there’s a place that particularly says that vaping is not allowed within its vicinity.

    Whether you are a home-based employee, a businessman in an office, waiting for your kids in school, or a 9-5 hustler, you can vape wherever you want.

    It’s up to you to use your vape anywhere where you want. But trust us, nothing beats home when it comes to safety, privacy, and solitude. But if you are the type who needs company or is a natural people person, feel free to use your vape in public.

  • We offer a line of hi-tech dry herb vaporizer that will suit the needs of any experienced dry herb smoker out there. Our ePuffer Cosmos Professional Dry Herb Vaporizer is completely equipped with everything you need to optimize your high-level dry herb vaping lifestyle. The Cosmos professional’s unique value proposition is all about vapor intensity, technology, and craftsmanship. It is practically an industrial-grade vape compared to the average weed vaporizers in the market. We did everything to push dry herb vapor quality to the next level.  The Cosmos Professional’s Smart OLED digital temperature control panel offers maximum control to give you the optimum vapor potency a convection-type marijuana vaporizer can provide. The temperature range of the Cosmos Professional is somewhere between 385°F and 430°F. You’ll think that it’s as if this product is primarily made for weed because marijuana’s ideal vaporization temperature is 375°F to 430°F. We crafted this A-class convection-type herbal vaporizer to cater to the high standard of seasoned herbal vapers. The whole process of using Cosmos Professional is simpler than it looks. Start with the press and hold action for three seconds then you’ll see the temperature bar rising. You will be ready for the first puff once you see the Smart OLED blink three times. The +/- button lets you adjust the temperature. This weed vaporizer auto-saves your preferred temperature for you conveniently. You won’t have to set the whole thing up again when the need arises after some time.

    Originally priced at $199.95, we now offer the complete Cosmos Professional Kit at $179.95, saving you $20.00 (10% discount). Other than the Cosmos dry herb vaporizer, the kit also comes with four convection Mesh Shells, a USB wall charger with Micro USB Cable, a multilingual instruction manual (English, French, Spanish), a packing Tool, a pair of tweezers, a cleaning brush, and complimentary dry herb mini grinder (like we said above, you need to grind dry herbs properly before you load it into a herbal vaporizer).



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