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EPUFFER ECIGAR D-1800 Disposable Electronic Cigar

The ePuffer Disposable Electronic Cigar features premium Cuban Cigar taste and lasts for approximately 1800 puffs, which is equivalent of around 10-12 cigars. The ePuffer disposable electronic cigar comes fully charged and ready to use out of the box. 

electronic e cigar by epuffer


  • The device has no flame, no tobacco and no harmful carcinogenic ingredients
  • The cigar is disposable, so once the battery has run down you will need to buy another one
  • The tip of the cigar lights up as you inhale
  • Simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale. This is only vapour and evaporates in seconds
  • Size: Ø = 16-18mm, Length: 151mm, Weight: 35g, Ring gauge: 48

ePuffer Disposable Cigar is available in Premium Cuban Cigar tobacco flavor and come in three nicotine densities: 1.2mg, 0.6mg and 0mg.

Benefits and Advantages

The Electronic cigar allows smokers to enjoy the same pleasure as smoking traditional cigar by imitating the whole process of smoking. 

The ePuffer Electronic Cigar produces harmless vapor that looks and feels like real smoke. It is truly a smokeless alternative to smoking.

Please note! : Due to hygiene reasons ePuffer Disposable Electronic Cigars cannot be returned under any circumstances unless faulty.

electronic cigar ecigar gauge ring sizes

I've been smoking cigars and pipes for 20 years, but after spending several months where you could spend a lot of time outside, and tobacco is cheap and plentiful, I realized my habit had become unhealthy. So, with no experience in vaping or e-products whatsoever, I tried this cigar without any high expectations, and I have to say I'm impressed so far.

Although the vapor hardly has any of the heavy body of cigar smoke, that turns out not to be really a bad thing. The flavor is rich in taste, and while there's a chemical sweetness to it, it's not harsh. While of course there is no replacing the full experience of an old-fashioned stogie for a guy (me) who prefers it that way sans the dumb flavorings, in addition to hitting it pretty good with the taste, there are problems not to be missed with cigars. You can kick back and never worry about your ash falling on your clothes. Also, I thought I would miss the lighting-up ritual, but I don't miss the cigar-ruining frustration of trying to light one in the wind. Best of all is the absense of heating, which ruins the flavor - it's always cool, baby! There's nothing worse than trying to retrohale overheated cigar smoke out through your sinuses. Best of all is that you can smoke as much or as little as you want, no time commitment once started.

What I don't know about this product, without any sort of battery-saving switch, is whether I'll get my money's worth of the stored fluid, should I take my time and store it between sessions. If the battery lasts through the end, then it gets another star.

Really enjoying these ecigars. Just ordered their Robusto model as well.

I have been ordering these cigars for a few years now, they are better than real, no smell, no ashes, the BEST cigar for the golf course ever, never have to worry about burring my bag or golf cart, just smoke when you want....

I tried Epuffer Churchill (d1800) ecigar at the trade show and instantly fell in love with it. I can now enjoy my cigar indoors as "Winter is coming" ;)

Epuffer customer service told me about the new Robusto electronic cigar. When are you planing to launch it? I don't see any information about the new Robusto anywhere on your website.

My first venture into E cigars. I've tried other E cigs tobacco flavors didn't really do. Believe it or not the guys at the cigar shop mentioned the E puffer when I was asking about if they knew of any "decent" E alternatives. So I picked up a D1800 of the site. Am impressed with the clouds of vapor and taste, of course not a "real" cigar, but I could get used to it. I mean I'm banished to the great outdoors for smoking. Yeah I know PW'ed. But no real sustainable arguments against "vaping." So I'm excited to get the D900 kit and reduce my risk of frostbite this year.

Okay so let me start by being clear.. This product is amazing!
Wait, perhaps that was too vague.. Haha=)
I ordered the D-1800 as I heard some good things about the vapor production and that has not let me down at all! You can puff on this in small drags and take a big one at the end just like a real cigar with so much vapor in the air. The flavoring reminds me of a nutty maple but if you're not a constant real-cigar smoker, it will pass perfectly as a Cuban smell and I could see it being nearly identical even if you are.
It's tapered at the end like a real cigar, it's wrapped in a paper-like material to look just like a cigar and the best part is when you puff on it, It lights up slowly like a burner ember, coupled with the details on the end to make it look ashy and you'll be pleasantly surprised on its near authenticity!
Just a heads up for anybody looking for the most healthy route, the other epuffer products, like the ecigs and the phantom are much easier on the throat but if you are a long time smoker of cigars or cigarettes and you're looking for that deep throat hit to quench your cravings, this is a perfect product to do it with!
I know it has it's limit of 1800 puffs but I just keep puffing late at night and the battery power is so strong that it seems like it'll never end!
If you're looking for something very similar to a real cigar, this is definitely the route to take or even if you're a long time smoker and need a better throat hit.
I give it a 10/10 as it hasn't let me down in any way!

Well I have tried numerous e cigars, another company that didn't work from the get go, no refund, crazy right,,, then I tried the E puffer, truly a great cigar ,taste nice, like a nice real cigar, I have just kept buying more and more, now I have my humidor filled with e puffers and others, one of these guys is like a half a box of cigars, only I can smoke these at home, work, the car, they're awesome and E Puffer is the best of the best.

First I tried the Cuban by Logic... my first e-cigar. If found that it worked as advertised. However, the end you put in your mouth is hard and with the weight of it, does not feel realistic. I then tried the Epuffer D-1800 and found the mouth end supple and much closer to the real thing. The Epuffer also seemed to last a little longer... though I didn't actually count the puffs. Both cost about the same.

They seem to have solved the capacity issue with this version! The flavor is impressive (not as good as a real cigar, but VERY believable).

It seems to me that someone could really impress quality cigar smokers without too much extra trouble just by going larger. A larger E-cigar could house a bigger battery, and more liquid. Why not produce one that is as large as a double-corona, or larger? The technology and flavor are satisfactory, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see larger with more capacity. We're waiting!

Great product,just purchased 2 more !!!

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