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The E-Cig Industry Is Under the Microscope

 Aug 13, 2015    Electronic Cigarette

As a growing number of people ditch traditional tobacco cigarettes and go electronic for many reasons, more questions are being asked about the companies that manufacture these products. And it is clear that some E-cigarette businesses are giving others a bad name.

But at EPUFFER we like to back up our words with decisive action. We are truly passionate about getting things right. We are leading the way with our expanding range of Electronic Cigarette products. In some ways we have become the victims of our own success because our innovation and manufacturing creativity has already spawned a lot of copycat but inferior products from other companies.

However we are determined that the negative message sent out by some of our sub-standard rivals will not affect our quest to save lives by providing a smoke free alternative for smokers.

At EPUFFER we believe the public simply needs to be educated about the benefits of E-cigarettes. We passionately believe that any misconceptions and concerns should be banished for good.

We are proud that we introduced electronic cigarettes to the market; and we are proud that we have become a truly global brand. We are deadly serious about getting things right and being the best at what we do.

But we like to support our claims with actions: for example, we believe the impending release of our latest E-cigarette, the SNAPS, will set new standards in the E-cig industry. It is small, sleek and stylish with its own portable charging pack and will offer similar doses of nicotine to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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