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The Dos and Don’ts of Vaping Etiquette

The Dos and Don’ts of Vaping Etiquette

Whether you are a brand-new vaper or a longtime enthusiast, you may have lingering questions about when and where it is okay to vape. In the eyes of the law, vaping is invariably lumped together with smoking when it comes to “tobacco-free” initiatives and rules. It’s also becoming more common to see “no vaping” signs, but these still are not the norm. This ambiguity can lead to some confusing situations, so let’s take a look at a few dos and don’ts of vaping etiquette to ensure that you can happily puff away on your vape mod, e-cigarette, e-pipe, or whatever your device of choice is.

DON’T blow vapor in people’s faces

Especially when vaping around people who don’t vape or smoke – but even when vaping around fellow vapers – keep in mind that people tend to take their personal space seriously. What tasted great to you on the way in may be quite unpleasant to a bystander on the way out. Many people are sensitive to fragrances or have concerns (whether founded or not) about the safety of secondhand vapor. So, aim your clouds away from people’s faces.

DO perform mod maintenance at home

If you must perform emergency maintenance in public or in someone else’s home, do it in a bathroom or over a utility sink if at all possible (or even outdoors). You don’t want to risk staining someone’s sofa or car seat by swapping coils. The same rule applies when filling your tank. Make sure that there is no risk of spilling your e-liquid somewhere that it would matter. Try to fill your tank over a sink and wash any residual e-juice off your hands when you’re finished.

DON’T use someone else’s device without asking

It may sound quite obvious, but you might be surprised at how often one friend will casually pick up another’s vape to try it out. While most people are willing to share their vape or their flavors if asked, most people don’t appreciate having their stuff grabbed without warning. Unless you know the person very well and know that they won’t care if you use their vape, ask first, and don’t argue if they seem uncomfortable with your request.

DO ask before vaping around others

There are many places where you can vape freely without upsetting anyone, but you should avoid making assumptions. Anytime you’re indoors, in someone’s home, or even outdoors with other people nearby (such as at a concert), it’s a good idea to ask those around you if it’s okay if you vape. Additionally, you might want to consider not using a tobacco-flavored vape juice when vaping in public, since it could confuse some people into thinking that you’re somehow actually smoking tobacco.

DON’T evangelize

If someone exhibits curiosity or asks questions about your vape mod or e-cigarette or about vaping in general, then of course you should feel free to share what you know. However, don’t preach unprompted to friends or strangers about the advantages of vaping over smoking or the joy of vaping in general. It’s great to share knowledge but let the curious come to you. When they do, by all means, communicate factual information as well as your personal experience with vaping and – if applicable – how it helped free you from tobacco smoking.

One final tip: DON’T be an elitist. Vapers get enough grief from the rest of the world – they don’t need judgment from inside the community, too. Never humiliate someone who doesn’t understand fancy mods, doesn’t vape very often, vapes only the lowest nicotine levels, or anything else. The world of vaping is big enough for all people – and all their various preferences – to enjoy.

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