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how to avoid new vaper mistakes

Common Mistakes New Vapers Make

The first time you go to buy a vape online, you might find that there are too many choices and too much information. All that information is a good thing; it’s never been easier for a new vaper to learn what they need to know to make the most of vaping and enjoy it to the fullest. However, it can also feel like overload to someone who’s just starting out. To help you have a smooth start in the world of vaping, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Starting out with an advanced vape mod

One of the most common missteps made by beginner vapers is that they immediately purchase a high-end vape mod that just isn’t right for a newbie. When you first start vaping, especially if you are trying to replace traditional cigarettes, then opt for something that has more in common with traditional cigarettes – a simple device that’s easy to use, has the right throat hit for you, and has a draw similar to that of smoking. E-cigs and XPODs are great choices, as these devices are simple and portable and deliver the same satisfaction as tobacco cigarettes. If you’re lucky enough to have friends who vape, see if you can try out their devices; this is a good way to find what you like without investing in equipment you won’t end up using.

Buying low-quality products

Just as a complicated, high-end vape mod won’t be right for a new vaper, neither will a super cheap, poor-quality device. You really want to do your homework and choose your devices based on quality – not what’s available in your local gas station. Rushing into a quick purchase because it’s right in front of you and the price is low is very likely to get you a vape performs poorly, produces too little vapor, does not deliver the right nicotine content for you, has a battery that dies too quickly, or offers poor flavor. You can avoid these issues by choosing higher-quality products such as those sold by ePuffer.

Giving up too soon

Some people pick up their first vape and never look back. For others, there is a bit more of an adjustment period. After all, vaping is not just like smoking; for one thing, it may be less addictive. For another, the puffing action is not exactly the same on a vape as a cigarette (you’ll generally take slower, longer, softer draws on a vape). However, vaping does offer many of the pleasant effects of smoking that you want to duplicate without the smell, tar, ash, chemicals, and other negative things about traditional tobacco. All long-time vapers had to go through this transition as well – give yourself time to get used to vaping and try some different devices and juices to find what works for you.

Thinking that you have to know everything before you start

When you start reading blogs and websites trying to learn about vaping, you will quickly discover a world of voltage, watts, and ohms that can seem confusing and overwhelming to a new vaper. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you must understand all of this or that vaping is a complicated thing that only people with strong technical knowledge can enjoy. The fact is that vaping can be as complicated as you want it to be – or as simple. When you start with cigalikes, for example, it’s as easy as screwing a cartridge into a charged battery and inhaling. Or, it can be even easier than that when you opt for an all-in-one disposable e-cigarette at first. These systems and devices are so easy to use and require no prior knowledge at all – they’re just ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to give vaping a try. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, many people find that it’s cheaper than smoking in the long run, and it offers tons of other advantages as well, such as not smelling like smoke and being able to get your nicotine fix whenever and wherever you want.


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