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burnt vape taste - dry coil hit

Does Your Vape Taste Burnt? Here’s Why

If you’ve vaped with any regularity, then you have probably had this experience: you grabbed your vape and took a nice, long puff expecting a tasty and soothing vapor to fill your throat – but instead, you got an unpleasant burnt taste and an awful feeling in your throat. In fact, it may even turn you off to vaping if you don’t know what’s causing it and how to fix it. Luckily, it’s easy to learn both.

What causes a burnt or “dry” hit?

If your vape tastes burnt, it’s because your atomizer has been powered when there’s no liquid or not enough liquid on the wick. Without adequate liquid, the coils can burn the wick, and you essentially inhale burnt cotton. Here’s how this can happen:

1. Vaping at high wattages. When you vape at wattages that exceed coil limits, you’ll cause your e-liquid to vaporize too quickly. This can cause the coils to burn the wick, even when your tank still contains some e-juice. Be sure to stay within the recommended wattage range.

2. Chain vaping. If you take too many hits in a row, your wick will dry up rapidly. If you notice a slight roasted taste or sense that a burnt hit is coming, give your device a rest for a few moments and give the vape juice inside a chance to cover any dry spots on the wick.

3. Using high-VG liquids. All vapes aren’t made alike. Some tanks work fine with high-VG e-liquid, while others may need 50% or more PG to function correctly. Check the size of the wick channels – smaller holes may mean that your device won’t play nicely with high-VG e-juice.

4. Failing to prime coils properly. While the above issues do occur, this one is probably the most common. Priming your coil is essential to getting it ready for its first use by ensuring that it is saturated. Doing so will help you avoid that burnt taste from happening.

How do you know if your coil is burnt?

Once you’ve had a significantly burnt hit, you probably need to go ahead and replace your coil. If you happen to catch it early, you can give it a chance and see if the burnt taste will disappear after a few puffs. If your coil has been properly primed and you’re sure that there is plenty of e-liquid in your tank, yet you keep getting a burnt taste, there might be another reason for the throat burn you’re experiencing. Being able to tell when your coil is done is not a science, but there is a little bit of a learning curve to it. The more you use your vape mod, the easier it will become for you to detect an issue. If you notice a loss of flavor or a dip in vapor production, take it as a sign that it may be time to replace your coil.

Avoiding or correcting that burnt taste is simple if you know what to look for and how to address it. If you do experience an occasional burnt hit, you’ll know the possible causes and what to do about them. Don’t get discouraged – vaping is a much better alternative to smoking and a highly enjoyable and satisfying activity.

When you notice a burnt taste, simply discard your coil and grab a new one – and don’t forget to prime it!


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