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EPUFFER brought the revolutionary e-cigarette to the Hollywood stars at the Academy Awards

 Feb 2, 2013    Celebrity Vaping Endorsments

We enjoyed a lengthy chat with Jessica Chastain

As the buzz began to grow and the gowns began to glitter, even EPUFFER were amazed by the interest in their sweet smelling, craving eliminating, and sexy looking aid to giving up the smokes.

To see just how sexy and EPUFFER looks when used by a Hollywood star, check out this lucky e-cigarette dangling from the lips of the gorgeous Sophie Monk!

EPUFFER is different to any electronic cigarette on the market as it offers a variety of options that enable smokers to tailor it to their needs. Using atomizing technology it will dispense the same taste and nicotine content of a favorite brand of cigarettes, without the harmful chemicals, the tar and of course, the smelly smoke.

These attributes were just part of the reason that Hollywood stars flocked to the stand, looking for new ways to help their own guilty sin, or taking away samples to give to a family member they'd like to see give up.

Hollywood Stars Pick up the Tab with EPUFFER

Many picked up their complimentary EPUFFERs, the ecigars being especially popular with the men, such as John Salley a 4x NBA Champion who couldn't wait to give it a try and used the Academy Award lounge to test it out. With no need to leave the building, stars began sparking up straight away, no ash, no smoke, no smell, no mess, but their pre-Oscar nerves were calmed.

From twilight star Peter Facinelli to Oscar nominee Sam French, the EPUFFER made a statement of its own. EPUFFER gave an incredible insight into the lifestyles and tastes of the Hollywood stars as some chose e-pipes to puff on while others favored e-cigars.

Then non-smokers began to flock to the stand, seeing and smelling the scents of the purifying EPUFFER in action, they saw the goodies bags as great thoughtful gifts for loved ones trying to give up.

We enjoyed a lengthy chat with Jessica Chastain who believes her grandmother will benefit considerably from EPUFFER, and hopes she'll use it straight away.

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