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storring a vape juice eliquid

Storing Your E-Juice for the Best Flavor and Longest Life

If you are a regular vaper, then you likely spend a good bit of time, energy, and money building your e-liquid collection. It’s not unheard of for people who enjoy vaping to have a dozen or more different juices available at any given time. E-juice flavors are kind of like clothes – you never know what you’re going to be in the mood to wear from one day to the next, so it’s best to have a variety on hand. Of course, vape juice does not last forever; like anything else that you consume, it will expire over time. It may not have a specific expiration date, but it will eventually begin to lose its flavor and become less fresh. But don’t worry – there are plenty of things that you can do to get the most possible use out of your juices.

Keep Your E-Juice Away from Sunlight and Heat

You can make your e-juice last as long as possible by storing it in a cool, dark place, such as a basement, cupboard, or even in a drawer – as long as it’s away from direct sunlight and in an area that doesn’t get too warm. You may want to take multiple bottles of e-liquid with you as you go about your daily activities, which is fine – just don’t leave them in your vehicle, where temperatures can soar even on cool days, and where they are more likely to come into contact with sunlight. If you remember just one of these tips, make it this one. Heat and sunlight are the quickest ways to ruin your favorite vape juice.

Keep Your E-Liquids in Tinted Bottles

If you’re juices come in tinted bottles, great. However, if you purchase e-juice that arrives in clear bottles, you may want to make some changes. If you’re planning to use your juice quickly, it’s probably fine to leave it in the clear bottle (remembering the first rule, of course – no heat or sunlight). However, if you want to be able to store your juice for a longer period, then you should transfer it to darker bottles. These bottles can help prevent accidental sunlight exposure and keep your juice fresh and flavorful for longer. If you make your own e-juice, then you should be particularly mindful of this tip to maximize its shelf life.

Seal Bottles Well Before Storing

As discussed, heat and sunlight are your juice’s worst enemies. However, they aren’t the only ones. Another common offender when it comes to vape juice losing quality is plain old air. Oxygen reacts with nicotine to create a new substance known as cotinine, and the result will be e-liquid with significant nicotine loss if exposed to air for an extended time. It’s impossible to prevent all contact with air, of course. But when you keep your bottles sealed tight when not in use, you can keep enough of the air out to prevent the oxidation process from occurring. Keeping your lids on tight will also help keep your e-liquid from evaporating as it’s stored.

Label Your Bottles with Their Purchase Dates

You might be surprised how easy it is to forget when you bought a particular bottle of vape juice. Especially if you vape often and enjoy trying new flavors, you might quickly build up a large collection, and it will be very hard to keep track of when you purchased each one without labels. The problem this produces is that you may end up using juices that are well past their prime – or tossing bottles that actually aren’t that old simply because you aren’t sure how old they are. A sticky label on each bottle with its purchase date eliminates these issues and allows you to get the most use out of each bottle.

Follow these easy steps, and you’ll ensure that your vape juice stays fresher longer and that you get the most enjoyment out of your vaping experience.


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