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The Bare Bones of Birth of the Word of the Year

 Jan 9, 2015    Top Ecigs Tips, Vaping Hardware & Eliquid

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The Bare Bones of Birth of the Word of the Year

It’s a bit silly to look at the origins of the word, in fact when we do it makes us feel pretty old, as it was born in 1983. We weren’t even an embryo then, honest. Ok maybe we were playing with our Fisher Price cassette recorders and waking up to Phil Schofield in the Broom Cupboard. Ok, ok, maybe we were adopting the Yuppie trend and impressing everyone at wine bars with our big paper Filofaxes while booking holidays to Tenerife and singing along to Bucks Fizz.

However old we were, the birth of the word goes hand in hand with the birth of the electronic cigarette. It was one, intuitive writer, Rob Stepney who described the new vapor from this smoking alternative, and gave the new habit a name. Not smoking, but vaping.

Where is he now? If you know, please send your answers on a postcard to the address below.

In the meantime don’t wait to exhale… vape.


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